Line interruption

Line interruption

Line interruption

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Line interruption



Is fido line down? I have two lines both of them giving the same problem. If I call someone the max I can talk is 30 seconds.

Is there any problem with fido's line?


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Hey @SHK7


That's odd! If you restart the devices completely, does it persist?


If yes, we'll need a bit more info Smiley


Does this happen everywhere or only in certain areas? To every number?

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It is still happening. Yesterday my wife was trying to talk in the states in the morning and I was trying call her from a different spot too. 

Can you please check?

Hello @SHK7,


Did you recently installed any new apps? If you did can you try uninstalling it and see if the problem goes away.

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Thanks for the details @SHK7

Was your wife in the states or was she calling from Canada to the states?

Can you also tell me if this happens when inside or outside as well?

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No she was trying to call through phone number to states. She is in canada. And yes it happens inside and outside.


No i did not install any new apps. So I don't think that's the problem. 


Can you please do me a favor and reset my lines. Sometimes that helps. Thanks.

Hey @SHK7!


As is not a Fido app, it's not something we can provide support on.


If the calls are made through the Fido network, do they go through?



Hey @SHK7!


We never heard back, was this resolved?


Let us know, the info can be helpful to others here on the Community! Wink