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bill after cancellation

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



I received a new phone along with a plan on the 30th of July at 8:30 am. Around noon that day I got a better offer with the carrier I am currently with so I decided to cancel my plan with Fido and returned the phone.


I haven't even activated the new SIM card (as it's still within the card it came with). Suddenly today I see a bill of $119.22 (which was supposed to be $61.60), which also contains the $50 connection fee, which the online chat agent specifically said will be waived off. I asked it multiple times and he said there can be glitch in the system and now it shows up too. What kind of support system is this?


According to the chat support agent (who I was talking to while signing up at if I decided to cancel the plan and return my phone within 30 days, I was not supposed to be billed any amount. Why am I seeing this amount in My Account (Bills section)? I should not be charged anything if I returned the phone and cancelled the plan within 30 days.


I called customer service on the 30th to cancel the plan and to request a return waybill for the phone and they confirmed the same about me not having to pay anything if I returned the device and not used more than half the allotted data (and I haven't used any of the data or calls or texts as I didn't even use the SIM). So this charge is a surprise to me. I should not be charged this amount!


Can someone from Fido please help regarding this issue? Thank you!



Hi @newphone21


I am sorry to hear you left us! 


In the event of a cancellation within the satisfaction warranty period, the customer is responsible for the following charges:


  • Prorated monthly service fee (MSF)
  • Any usage not included in the price plan
  • 911 fee(s), if applicable

Credits apply for the following charges, if applicable:

  • Early cancellation fees
  • Setup Service Fee
  • Any device fees paid upfront at time of purchase

You should receive a revised bill with the credit for the set up fee as well as the adjusted amount for the plan. You can always contact us here to have a clarification of the bill. 






I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hi Faiza, my brother is facing a similar situation. Can you please help?

Hey there!


If your brother needs help with his services, please have him contact us through these channels and we'd be happy to look into it with him.