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Price increase on a late 2021 Winback, really?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi, it seems like I am seeing this more and more here...

I was a longtime customer of Fido... I think 1999/2000ish is when they initially got me with the Nokia 5190 (and I've had many phones since then, Motorola V3 RAZR, Sony T310, Iphones 3,4,5,6+,X,Xs,12 pro, and 13pro). I brought my dad and sister to Fido, and she's brought a few other people, so I'm pretty sure that counts as "loyal".

Anyway, I was brought to a competitor after a bunch of price increases, refusing to get me any "better" plans (it seems the system always tries to "up-sell" so they get more money, regardless if there's a better plan, i.e. same gigs for less money). And mid-last year I left, I didn't have any quality issues, just I felt they didn't care, or rather, only cared about the money.

I was contacted by the winback department a few weeks/months later and was given a better plan (FINALLY, I thought!), less gigs than I had before (I think I was on the 6gb/$60 (2016), Pulse 5gb/$60 (2017)  from a few Christmases ago, then got a 15gb/$60 (2019) and then a 30gb/$70 in 2020), to 25gb/$45. Pricing was my main souring point with Fido (followed by lack of 5G), so they won me back with that last plan in Sept 2021. I had been promised that I would have that plan and price for as long as I didn't change it.

Now, a few months later there's an increase. A +10% one, mind you.

It sems like they will do whatever for the sale/winback and then you're thrown to the wolves.

Why is it a "legacy" plan as soon as we are offered it? Why is a retension/winback offer considered legacy? This just shows me they just wanted some better end of year subscriber numbers, and could care less right now.

At first I thought it was a global increase, but the pricing on the website doesn't seem to have changed for their "in-market" plans.

Thanks for the Trojan Horse of a plan, it was all fine and dandy while I didn't have the lowest cost plan, then, all of the sudden it is a Legacy one, and being subjected to an increase.


They also won back my sister and her boyfriend, so I don't know if they are seeing the increase. I'll ask them to check as well.

How can we ever resolve this?

A promo for $5 off for 6 months doesn't seem like enough. So the increase is delayed... whop-de-do.

I've read but don't really believe it, where if someone is on contract they would not have any increase... if so, can I voluntarily ask for a 2 year contract on the legacy plan?

Does a CRTC complaint even do anything?





Hello @amcpires and welcome to the Community. 


Thank you for being such a long customer with us, it's much appreciated.


Customers on select price plans received a bill message letting them know that they’ll see a $5 increase to their monthly service fee (MSF). Each phone number that's impacted will received a separate bill message. The increase takes effect on the first bill they receive after April 4, 2022. Customers who are not receiving the increase will see a bill message between April 5 to May 4 2022 that their bill will not change. 


We do provide at least 30 days’ notice for any change to your monthly service fee. You can find our full terms and conditions on


We are always happy to go over  your Fido account to make sure you’re on the best plan for your needs. You can find all the ways to reach us here.