Wrong phone being sent to me and 0 follow-up

Wrong phone being sent to me and 0 follow-up

Wrong phone being sent to me and 0 follow-up

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Wrong phone being sent to me and 0 follow-up

The wrong phone has been sent to me last Friday and I've been told that I would get a call back this Monday to help me sort everything out. I did not receive any call and had to call back twice on Monday and Tuesday while being transfered to Rogers device support and back to Fido. After 3 hours , I was able to speak to a rep that helped me escalate the situation but another day passed and I still don't have any instruction or call back. 

I was told not to activate and port the SIM card that was included with the phone as well so currently my account is being charged for the plan + phone while they are both just sitting on my desk.


What do I do in this situation?


Hello @1geoffrey,


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You can ask for us to send you a return waybill to send us the phone back.

Feel free to contact us over these methods to get this sorted out. 

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Hi @FidoAnthonyZ 


Thank you for the reply,

Still no contact from Fido team or win back team after MUTIPLE cases being made and escalated. I'm also calling every day to the customer support but no help as well. Could you help me look into this further. 

I have a return way bill made but that means I end up losing my $200 bill credit that was offered to my plan based on the win-back offer since it was converted into a hardware discount. This has been a huge headache to try to even get in contact with someone that could help me with this issue. 



There would be another solution available to make sure you don't lose a bill credit that was offered. 


You can submit a device exchange through customer service and everything should be good without losing anything. You would be sent the proper phone and you would need to send us back what was originally sent. 

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Hi @FidoAnthonyZ 


Just an update on the situation, 

I've sent the phone back more than a week ago (Dec 11th) and it has been received on the 17th of December but my Bill for December is the full downpayment of the phone and without the $200 bill credit. This isn't an issue as I am still waiting for the bill to be corrected and the device.


$800 is being deducted from my account on December 30th and I am not sure why. Contacting chat and calling in has not created any solution to the problem.


Couple questions on my end:

1) Are bill credits usually shown on the next bill?

2) When do bills usually get corrected? Will I need to request a refund back to my credit card as I do not want $800 worth of credit sitting in my account.

3) Is there any way that I can receive a notification for when my shipped device is cleared so that I can order the correct device? Or do I have to call back every day to find out?


Thank you


Hey @1geoffrey


Returned orders can take up to 10 business days from the shipping date to be processed. After this is completed, the refund will be applied within 7 business days. As for bill credits, it is usually applied on the second or third bill, but it depends. 


I understand that you spoke with customer service already, but we can send you a PM from here. That will be easier for us to follow up on the situation. 


Let us know!

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Hi @FidoVanessa 


Thanks for getting back to me

I've chatted with customer service again and recieved an email that my bill + account has been adjusted.

Case number Cxxxxxxxxx:


I will wait 7 days for the refund as i'm confused why my previous downpayment credit into the account of $440 was adjusted too.

Also, I was offered a $10 discount for 24 months on my plan but it doesn't reflect on my bill. Do you happen to know where I can see this?




Hey @1geoffrey


Did you receive a confirmation email about the $10 credit?

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Hi @FidoJulien ,


No I never received an email about the $10 discount per month.

It was a verbal contract that I agreed to when I signed the plan. I also have chat logs with reps that confirm the $10 discount.


Does that help in anyway?

Thank you,


Hey @1geoffrey,


In this situation we will need to take a closer look into your account to be able to take a check out all of the details of the offer. There are a few ways to reach us which you can check out here


If you would prefer we send you a PM from here to continue, let us know! 

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Hi @FidoPierre ,


Please send me a PM from here, I will contact support to try figure this out as well since this case has been unresolved for over a month already.



Sounds good @1geoffrey


Sending you a PM now so we can take a closer look into things together. 

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Hi Fido Team, 


This is still unresolved, even through PM


We just got back to your PM @1geoffrey.