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Fido Support Absolutely Atrocious

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

I have to unfortunately say that Fido's support recently has been nothing short of atrocious. Literally sat waiting for a chat agent for multiple hours and Fido is the ONLY company I've ever used for Chat that will disconnect you while waiting for an agent. "Your session will time out in 2 minutes unless you want to ask something else" keeps coming up so unless you're sitting there for multiple hours and see that, in 2 minutes it will disconnect you and close the chat and will say "Session Timed Out".  My mom then tried to go to Fido's "Share A Concern" page and guess what, try to go there, you can't click on any of the boxes, it's simply a white box with nothing to click on, that only states they are available until 8pm and it is now 6pm. 


I'm about to cancel with them. I'm tired of seeing this "Thank you! An agent will be with you shortly." hours later. Even parent company Rogers won't disconnect you while waiting. They will when they've picked up if you don't answer but not while waiting for them to answer.


We aren't even sure if there is anyone really even there because it's the same message every time. If this doesn't stop in a couple of days I will pay more and leave for somewhere else because their customer service SUCKS.


I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

The Share a Concern page but only through Edge and not Chrome. Honestly Saira, it's the dumbest thing I have ever heard that you would disconnect someone while waiting for an agent. I mean, really? So basically what Fido is saying is it's acceptable to make someone stare at the same screen for hours and they can do nothing else while they wait because at any random moment in time, whenever it so happens to be, if a response isn't made you get disconnected. First of all that's insanely ridiculous and I am subscribed to a lot of different services I've used chat with be it Rogers, Amazon, Spotify, Telus, and countless others and no one else does that by Fido. To top it all off, you don't even play a sound during those instances. You do once you're conencted to chat because by going through the Manager Chat my mom got someone within 2 minutes.


But the way your chat is setup is absolutely, 100%, categorically, undeniably, unbeliveably, dumbest thing that's ever happened to me on any live chat.

Here's how it goes folks

1. Enter live chat with Fido. Get a message that states "Your chat is being transferred to a Live Chat agent. Thanks for your patience." 

2. At any random time Fido deems appropriate, the next message is "Do you still need help? Your session will timeout in 2 minutes unless you want to ask something else. Please, feel free! Session"

3. If you don't happen to be staring at your screen and see this... then after 2 minutes you will get "Session Time Out"

4. Restart the process and no one ever picks up.

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Honestly, please, take my advice go on Live Chat right now and tell us how long it took you, if at all, to get an agent? My guess is around 4 hours?

We appreciate every opportunity that helps us improve the service we offer, Kevin. Thank you once again for your feedback.


We are here for our customers though and would like nothing more than to help! The more details you can provide us regarding your situation, the better we and our @Community can help you.


If you prefer, we can send you a private message too if you are the account holder or an authorized user. 😊


Let us know! 


Hey @kevinf2011


We're sad to read that your recent experience hasn't been a positive one and that's not something we want for any of our customers.


Our live chat is designed as such to keep your position in the queue. Unfortunately, if you're not active, it will end the session. We appreciate your feedback in this regard. Having said that, I do want to assure you that if you/your mom have reached out through the Share a concern form, someone will most certainly get back to you. We do offer multiple ways to get in touch with support channels as well and you can find them here. We'd love to help you right here though!


Can you tell us a little bit about wat's going on? 

Are you a wireless or internet consumer with us?