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Would Like a Resolution.

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1


 I am writing to express my concern about my recent experience with Fido. I have been a loyal customer for 17 years. In this competitive market that will on become more vast and aggressive I was astonished by the lack of empathy and options provided to me as someone who has consistently paid my bills over the past 17 years and who was and is willing to pay for what was considered my error by the Company. I had spoken to a Customer Service agent prior to upgrading my phone and I was clear as to what I wanted; however, I acknowledge that one person’s expectation may not always be met when purchasing an item over the phone. I called shortly after receiving my phone and was advised that I could in fact trade it in for a different model. So, I made the request. Now this year has been emotionally and mentally straining for not only myself I am sure but worldwide. I provided details about the events in my life, and more specifically the events that occurred during the window in which I had to return my first phone. I was not looking for sympathy per say, but some acknowledgement and even common sense when addressing my question and the complaint. After multiple discussions I accepted the terms of the agreement and agreed to pay for a phone that will soon become a coaster. I have looked up the value of the phone I returned and it’s resale value is about a quarter of what I am required to pay and I am sure that Fido would be able to sell it for what they are expecting more easily than myself. I was then advised that I had 1 month to cover the approximately $1,000 for an error I am sure happens quite often in these times. I am not a wealthy man and currently my household has 1 income (COVID money does not really apply to the self employed). I find it disgusting that company as large and certainly one in an industry that is not suffering would take advantage of a fellow human. The phone was in perfect condition and still in the box, but it was late, I accepted that grudgingly. But to expect an average person/family to have an extra month’s rent right now is atrocious. Any extra funds I have (if any) go to family and/or neighbours in this time of need. I am sure that your corporate office has maintained it’s status quo, I am only asking for a reasonable amount of time to repay a debt that is almost criminal, so my family and I do not end up homeless and/or hungry. I would like to know how I can get an extension on this debt as I need my phone for work and for access to any mental health organizations that I have needed over the last year. Please also note that I can provide proof of the shipping dates with Purolator. Upon my researching these dates I can see that there was movement within the timeline stated in the contract. The instructions were unclear as I wrote the tracking code on the box as instructed by the customer service agent. When I spoke to someone later, I was advised that I should have been provided with another sticker with this same code, to this day I have found no such sticker. So, it looks like my phone had made a round trip, where once again these dates all fall within my 45-day deadline. I have often spoke positively about Fido now I am dumbfounded as to what I can say that is affirmative about Fido. I would like to resolve this with Fido directly. Even a loan shark would provide more time. I can be contacted via phone or email at any time I would like to discuss a reasonable solution for my situation.


Thank you,




Hello @Demann13,


Welcome to the community!


First, let me say while this forum is moderated by Fido this is not customer service so no one from Fido will call you, this community forum is meant for customers to help each other.


If I understand correctly you got a device from Fido and wanted to exchange it for a different one but missed the return window?

Who currently has the device? Do you want to break the contract or would you like to continue it?


If you can not pay the bill in full you can reach out to the Credit Operations team and set up a payment arrangement, you can get more info here.