Where is my new phone?

Where is my new phone?

Where is my new phone?

I'm a Participant Level 2

Where is my new phone?

I have ordered a new phone on Firday, Apr 2, while also upgrading my plan. I have not yet received my phone, or any emails with the order number details.


I have received only two emails from Fido since then:

1. Fido account change confirmation #A1B2C5D3E5F4G3H0I9J4 - this email acknowledges and details the mobile phone plan upgrade

2. A "Congrats on the new phone,Daria - here’s some important info" - this email contains only info that markets the Fido app and explains how to download it.


It doesn't contain any relevant information about:

  • which phone I've ordered (iPhone SE 2021),
  • an order number
  • information about when the phone will be sent to me 

I obviously need this information.


Last time I've ordered a phone (11/2020, for my partner's phone plan) I've got an email that acknowledged the order ("Thank you for your Fido order"), which included an order number, details the new plan, details about the phone I've ordered,, as well as the shipping address to which it will be sent.

Two days later I've received a "Fido Order Shipment Confirmation" with a tracking number for the phone.



  1. Where can I find in my account a record or my new phone order, complete with details about the phone, shipping address, etc?
  2. What is my order number? Where can I find that?
  3. When is Fido going to ship me the phone?
  4. Am I going to receive a notification with a tracking number for my phone?



Hey @daus!


I'm sorry you didn't get more information about your order. I understand how it can be worrisome. To clarify, you’ll get a few emails from us after you make the order:

When your order is placed.
When your order is shipped, which includes the tracking number for you to track the order.


However, some devices are backordered which can delay the shipment. To better understand what is going on, I'll need to ask you a few questions. Did you get the iPhone SE 64 Gb or 128 Gb? Can you also clarify when you got the email that says "Congrats on the new phone,Daria - here’s some important info"?


Let us know. Smiley