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Transfer phone line

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1


I transfered my phone line number from FIDO to another company ,

How do I inform to FIDO to stop caculating my bill from transfering date ?



Hello @Al67,


Welcome to the community!


If you port out your number it will automatically cancel the Fido line, you do not need to inform Fido.


The billing will be pro-rated and you will only be charged for the days the line was active with Fiso, if you cancel in the middle of your billing cycle you will most likely receive a credit on your final invoice. If you have more than one line on the account the credit will be applied to the account and used towards your next invoice. However, if you only had one line the credit will be refunded by cheque to the last address on file and can take up to six weeks before you receive it from the date your final invoice was produced.


If you had made your payment using a card you can call customer service and request the credit be refunded back to the card and not by cheque, you will need to make that request before the cheque has been produced.