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Phone upgrade scam?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Was sent a message on my phone saying that I am eligible for a phone upgrade. A person called Carole from the Kiosk at the Cornwall mall (Regina, Saskatchewan). How do I know if this is real or fake? They know my name (have not given it to them) and so far they have not asked any personal info or payment.


Thank You!



Hello, @nml since I have been with Fido I've never seen any agent proactively reaching out to customers about upgrades, you can always look up that location and call them and inquire if that person works there and if it is close by and you get a good deal you can go to the location.


Either way, let us know because if it is a scammer pretending to be an agent from an actual location it would be good for Fido and the community to know of these types of scams.