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Poor phone Network Coverage

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hello everyone,


I live in Evanston Calgary and work at Calgary Airport, both places have poor Fido coverage 

Sometime simple google search takes minutes to load, all my coworker also face similar issues (with Rogers and fido), 

Why Calgary has poor phone reception I haven't face this issue in even smaller towns in Ontario.


Which network provider has best phone coverage in Calgary?


Thank you for your help and valuable advice 


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Hello Jayesh_maheta,


  Welcome to the community!


  Sorry to hear you're having coverage issues in those areas. Unfortunately, there do not appear to have very many cellular towers in either of those areas:

Calgary Airport.jpgEvanston.jpg

~taken from here.


  The nature of cellular service is that it is dependent on being able to receive adequate signal from the cellular towers. Adequate signal would depend, in part, on your location relative to the cellular towers. In addition to your proximity to the cellular towers, there are also many factors can affect cellular reception (see here and here). That's why no mobile provider can guarantee service. There are just too many factors beyond their control.


@Jayesh_maheta wrote:

...Why Calgary has poor phone reception I haven't face this issue in even smaller towns in Ontario...

  In smaller towns, a single tower may be able to service the entire town. On the other hand, a sprawling city might develop wider and faster than cellular infrastructure. I understand it's easy to just blame mobile providers for not having enough towers. However, it is not as simple as them wanting to improve coverage for their customers. There is an approval process for new cellular towers (see here).


@Jayesh_maheta wrote:

...Which network provider has best phone coverage in Calgary?...

  I don't think anyone can provide a suitable answer to that question. Everyone's situation is different and what's best for one customer might not necessarily be the best for someone else. The relevant issue would be which provider has the best coverage for you. You might consider checking which provider might have more suitable cellular tower locations in those areas.


Hope this helps 😀