Voicemail Text Notification

Voicemail Text Notification

Voicemail Text Notification

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Voicemail Text Notification

This is something that I've always been puzzled about. Been with Fido for nearly 12years now and I still find it odd that when a voicemail is left Fido sends out a text message (18) to the cell phone rather than having the cell phone activate the voicemail icon built into the phone. What's the reasoning behind this?



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Hey @ChicoQuente!


Thanks for posting Smiley


We'd love to help out with this, and I'd love to clarify what's going on!


All our newer plans come with mini voicemail. This option allows you to save and have up to 3 messages in your voicemail inbox. It's not a visual voicemail so the little indicator for a voicemail will not pop up as you need to call in and listen to the messages. To let you know you have a new voicemail, we send you a text message to notify you. 


If you wanted to benefit from the visual voicemail feature that your iPhone offers, we do offer that option as well! You can add our $7 value pack and enhance your plan with awesome features including visual voicemail for iPhone! The value pack will give you:


- Name Display (to add on to your regular call display)

- Premium Voicemail-To-Text with 35 voice messages  or iPhone visual voicemail

- US & International Premium Calling Rate to mobile and landline phones (just 1 cent a minute to the US, and other countries start at 2 cents per minute!) detailed rates can be found here :

- WhoCalled

- 2,500 Call Forwarding Minutes


If you'd like us to add this option for you, you can contact us through any method found here or let us know and we can send you a PM right here on the community!


I hope this clears it all up and that this info was helpful Smiley



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Hi, since maybe a month or 2 ago, I do not receive the text message notification when I receive a new voicemail. How can I fix tis? Fido has already done a reset or something like that when I called... Also, not sure why even the manager is not aware about mini voicemail having notifications sent by text... Sad Everyone I speak to argues that is not offered by fido... That I should call apple about not receiving the text message notification... I'm so confused. Could you please help me?  

Hello @taeshim


To confirm with you, you were getting those notifications on your phone before today?


Also, when did you stop receiving those notifications exactly? 


Let us know. 

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Hi, I'm not sure exactly when it stopped because I just assumed that I wasn't getting any voicemails, but then I felt it was too long since I got my last voicemail and checked after a missed call, which is when I noticed I had a new message and did not get the text notification. And yes, I used to receive text notifications. 



Hey Smiley We received your PM about this. Talk to you soon. 

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So, there are 6 pages of customer dissatisfaction about the lack of VM indicator and aside from an up sell Fido still won’t give a VM indicator.  I don’t know what the problem is because all other providers have this. Without having to subscribe to a pricey visual VM that I don’t need or want. I just want the red dot back that I had with both Telus and Rogers. How hard can that be to provide?

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Ditto on this. Essential phone and I get a text instead of the message notification that takes me right to my voice mail. Every other carrier I have had the last two being Bell and Rogers provided a proper notification instead of a text. This is annoying enough that when I have the time I will start shopping around for a new provider.

Hey @dasbooter Welcome to the Community and congrats on your first post. 


The only available option at this time is the text message notification, you would need to press and hold 1 on your keypad to call your voicemail once you receive the notification. 


With that being said, we'd be most sorry to see you go. Don't hesitate to reach out here so we can have a look at your options. 

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This is the standard reply and it is unacceptable. This issue goes back longer than a year and replying the exact same way is both dismissive and poor customer service. To top it off you try to upsell me which is laughable because.... I'll repeat for everybody here that every other provider I have been with has their MOST BASIC voicemail system set up to provide space for three emails and notify you with the appropriate Android voicemail notification which u can touch to go directly to your messages. Fido CANNOT OR WILL NOT implement the Same.

If you have found your way here from Google because you have the Same issue feel free to voice your displeasure .When I call to cancel when I find a good competing deal I'll be sure to let the customer service rep know why.

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I too have issue with voicemail notification.  I used to get notified in my text so I know I had a voicemail, but lately I don't get anything. So the voicemail gets full (by message mostly from telemarketers that I didn't answer their call), because I don't get notified and there is no more room for important messages from work or family member.  I HAVE TO check my voice mail often the delete those unwanted calls/voice messages from telemarkters so others can leave me a voice mail. I called Fido and they didn't help at all!  

A while back a family member said they could not leave a voice mail for me because the box was full, however when I checked my voicemail, it said no more messages. Then I contacted Fido and they said they will fix it (by reseting/somthing) from then on I don't get any notification.  

I am thinking because of this issue I should leave Fido and go to other providers.



We do appreciate your feedback and we will make sure to forward it to the team in charge.


Right now, this is how our voicemail works. However, we are always looking to improve our service based on what the customer needs.

We definitely don't want to see you go. Hopefully, you can change your mind on this.



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Hi All,

I joined community to request a fix to this as well... Recently I switched from Telus. Whenever I missed a call and received a voicemail, I'd always get the red dot/node over green phone app and voicemail icon within. (Always on latest iOS, currently have an iPhone 😎

Note: With Fido a node pops up for missed calls, but not for the voicemail.

This is extremely problematic as I'll see the voicemail text message but maybe can't get to it right away, then I'll get other texts that push that message down and I forget about the voicemail completely! It's happened to me several times already.

Having the red node showing until the voicemail is listened to is a much better solution and a constant reminder that you have a message waiting in your voicemail.

Receiving a text message as additional notification would be fine. But not having the red nodes makes the text messages almost useless. I'm in Ontario and Telus had it working without issue I found, so I don't see why Fido/Rogers couldn't do the same... and reading all the technical responses in this post didn't really convince me otherwise.

Really hoping this gets implemented sooner rather than later. Many thanks!

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I also have the same problem, ever since I switched to Fido a few months back.

I have an Essential phone running Android (8.1). I never had this problem before while on Chatr with this same phone. Also never had this problem with Chatr/Mobilicity or Rogers with many other phones.


I have tried support twice (once via chat, once via phone) and they did not know how to fix it. They didn't seem to even have heard of this as a problem.

Can one of the Fido employees in this thread please PM me as well so I can get this fixed?



Hey a2younis! 


Welcome to the Community. 


Sadly, this is not something that we can change.


You will receive a text message to let you know when you have a new voicemail, unless you have the iPhone with the Visual Voicemail feature.


You can check out the solution above for more info!

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Thank you for the quick reply. I'm new to this forum and don't know how it works exactly. When you say to check the solution above, I guess you mean the post by FidoNick?


In it, he says:

"It's not a visual voicemail so the little indicator for a voicemail will not pop up as you need to call in and listen to the messages."

I do not expect/want support for Visual Voicemail. In the past (with Chatr & Rogers) I never had Visual Voicemail, but still, I had a notification instead of a text message. I think you already know that's what I mean, but I just want to make sure we're on the same page, as it seems different from FidoNick's response.


Further, he says I could pay to add Visual Voicemail, which of course I don't want, since I have no iPhone. But is he also saying that if I did get that $5 package (on the phone they told me it's $7), that the notification would work instead of the text message?

Hey @a2younis,


The solution can be found here.

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Thanks again for the quick reply.

Yes, that link you sent is the post I was referring to in my last post.


But, unless there is something I am not undestanding...our usage of the term "solution" differs.

To be clear, are you saying that

1. The post that you linked by FidoNick actually shows a solution on how to make it work so that I see the standard "cassette tape" notification instead of the text message? If so, can you be specific (is it the $5 upgrade, because from my understanding, he doesnt actually say that).


2. Are you referring to the "solution" as in it's an "answer", and the answer is that it is not possible?


And it seems I'm not the only one confused. There are several replies after FidoNick's reply in June 2017, where other members of this forum seem to not understand how to make it work right (or if it is even possible).



In this case the solution is the answer to the question, but in other cases it can be steps detailing how to do something. 


Here's how the voicemail works depends on the phone: 


  • If you have a mini voicemail, you'll receive a SMS letting you know about the message. 
  • If you have an iPhone and a Visual Voicemail, you'll see a red dot on your phone icon. 
  • If you have an Android with a Premium Vocemail, you'll receive a transcript of the voicemail by text message (sent as an MMS).


Let us know which phone and voicemail you have! 

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Ok thank you.


So basically, the answer is that Fido somehow doesn't support a pretty basic mechanism to give notifications for Voicemail, that basically every other provider supports.


Anyawy, not that big of a deal I guess. I can live with text messages instead of a proper notificaiton. Just seems strange.


Thanks for the clarification in any case!

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I see that I am not the only one that finds this annoying.


I vote for the idea that Fido/Rogers implement proper support for the equivalent of message-waiting indicator (MWI) on mobile phones.


In other words, when a new voicemail is left in the client's mailbox, the Fido/Rogers voicemail system (even the most basic one) should trigger on the client's phone (Android & iPhone) the usual cassette notification similar to :


instead of sending a normal SMS message coming from the number "18" that contains this :



Could Fido/Rogers developers take a look at it and fix it?



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Fido and Rogers have the same network. Message Waiting Notification works on Rogers but it does not on Fido. Most likely this is not by accident. My guess is that the Rogers/Fido marketing team decided to position Fido brand with having a subpar voicemail experience compared to their Rogers brand. Sad