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What's up with Fido's home internet lately.  Two weekends in a row where I completely lose internet or it constantly drops?! Did you guys oversubscribe and now can't handle the traffic volume?  I expect better since Rogers is Fido's parent company.  ...
Is anyone else noticing that their modem crashes?  In the last week my modem has crashed twice and stopped working.  Thankfully all I had to do was unplug and reboot, but I do find it concerning that this has happened twice in a week.     ***Edited t...
This is something that I've always been puzzled about. Been with Fido for nearly 12years now and I still find it odd that when a voicemail is left Fido sends out a text message (18) to the cell phone rather than having the cell phone activate the voi...
We switched to Daylight Savings Time last week (March 9th) and now it's March 15th and the time on my wireless homephone is still showing 1hr behind.  My cordless phone is set to display whatever time the service provider callerID sends out, which is...
I upgraded my phone last year (March 2013) to a Samsung S3 and always wondered why I was unable to get on LTE. I just checked my SIM and realized it's just a regular microSIM card and not an LTE SIM.  How come I was not supplied with an LTE SIM?     ...
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