Voice mail 1-587-737-0210

Voice mail 1-587-737-0210

Voice mail 1-587-737-0210

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Voice mail 1-587-737-0210

I received a call from an unknown number which I don't pickup; expecting it to go to voicemail.


The number above showed up on my screen.  I tried to access my voicemail the usual way and at pressing "1" , this "RCI_F" comes up.


Is this legit?  Have my phone been hacked or something?


Pls advise.




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1-587-737-0210 appeared as the default voice mail number. My voice mail recording was deleted and replaced with a generic message. The voice mail box keeps filling up with blank calls that did not ring through on the phone. Unknown numbers are texting me asking if I called them. This sounds like Caller ID spoofing. Fido needs to investigate this as a security threat to all its customers if the default voice mail number can be changed without the users' knowledge.

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Hi Western.

I think Fido will takes some security measures.

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Hey @Western!


Caller ID spoofing is something we're aware of and that often spam calls are received with spoofed numbers. You can learn more all about that here


That said, this shouldn't affect your voicemail retrieval number. Have you recently changed phone or updated it? Is it an unlocked phone from a different provider?


That could be one reason it changed, let us know! 

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The phone has been in use for a year and ported the 416-821-6549 number from the SIM card. I don't know when the voice mail number was changed to 1-587-737-0210.


There were no problems until several callers sent me SMS to ask if I called them. I did not respond and blocked the numbers. A few days later the voice mail box filled up with blank messages of 1 minute or longer that did not ring through on the phone. The voice mail continued to fill up until I changed the default voice mail back to 416-821-6549.


A friend who uses Fido on the westcoast also noted that his voice mail default had changed to 1-587-737-0210 and he was getting blank voice mails that did not ring through on the phone.

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Have you checked installed apps on your phone or have an antivirus on it?

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Hey @Western! Philippe here. I hope you're doing well. Smiley


Thanks for the heads-up about that! For reference, you can check-out all our retrieval numbers right here. If it does happen again, please contact us to report the problem. You can do that here or request a PM from the community.



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I got the same problem.

I changed a phone number to a proper number, but I couldn't change service provider name - it's still RCI-F.

I called to phone technical support, and the lady with sleeping voice sad that as long as I can call to voice mail, there is nothing else she can do.

I called again, and I was transfered to anothre technical support guy. He was not aware about such issue, but he did reset on his end, and he asked to do network reset on my phone, and it didn't help.

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My device also shows rci_f when I checked my voicemail section.  Carrier : rci_f . And my device is samsung it happened when recently I got notifications to upgrade my samsung device 

I am worried as u mentioned you haven't noticed it. 

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I am seeing this now too. Under "Call Settings" in my phone's phone app, my service provider is listed as "RCI_F" and my voicemail shows as "1-587-737-0210".


My service provider is Fido, to the best of my knowledge. Is this a glitch in the Fido system or are phones/SIM cards getting hacked somehow?

Hey everyone, 


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. To further look into it, we'll need some more info. 


1. Are you able to change the voicemail retrieval number manually to the correct one:

  • Regular Voicemail: +1 416 821-6549 or  +1 647-839-9169
  • Visual Voicemail (iPhone): +1 647 839-6178 or  +1 647-839-9169

2. What happens when you manually dial the retrieval number to retrieve your messages?


3. Can you confirm your device models and OS


Keep us posted! 



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I too have retunred my voicemail to a 416 number.  This forum is really quite uninformative and certainly not in any way approaching a resolution to this frustrating number appearing periodically on the phone.  Fido should explain when they do stupid things and then correct them without involving a bunch of folks trying to find out why their phones are not functioning properly.  What a waste of time!

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My problem is not necessarily the provider, but that I receive blank VM from the 587 number until it uses up all of my VM space. If I am unable to delete them right away, important callers (family, work) can't leave me messages anymore since the voicemail is full. 

I have tried changing the voicemail number and hopefully this stops the voicemails from coming. My phone doesn't even ring, a voicemail icon just pops up as an alert. 

I have LG Velvet running on Android 10 OS.

Hello @Oly_M,


Welcome to the community!


Did this help receiving this unwanted voicemail?


Let us know! 

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I was able to change the number that my phone uses to reach voicemail inbox from the:


Phone App->Settings (three dots at top right)->Voicemail settings->Voicemail Number


I changed it from 1-587-737-0210 to one of the numbers that was provided above.


My service provider still shows as "RCI_F", however. There is no option to change that in the device settings.

Thanks for the updates @DXS@fido6053,


In order to investigate this matter we would need to gather more info and details.


Can you please confirm the brand and model of the devices you're currently using? The OS version would be greatly appreciated as well.


On our end, as long as you're able to access the voicemail (VM) and retrieve your messages, there would be nothing wrong with the service.

As a side note, have you tried contacting the manufacturer as well for more info? Some of you mentioned that this started happening after a recent OS update, the carrier name of Fido could has been switched to RCI_F on your device perhaps? Since Fido is part of Rogers, RCI could stand for Rogers Communications Inc.


Let us know so we can follow up Smiley

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It seems this would be a good opporunity for someone more knowledgeable that the average consumer afflicted with this number appearing on the phone periodically to do some research and provide an explanation and a resolution.  It really does not matter too much what peculiar phone i have, it matters that it is affecting probably 1000s of phones.  If you don't have an answer, find one or say the problem is insoluable as we have little or no control over these phones anyway.

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Hey fido what's up with this showing up on my phone RCI-F 1-587-737-0210 I am using samsung S8. Am I being charged extra fees

Hey @HMyshrall


You are not charged extra fees when using your voicemail. In fact, you are not charged any airtime fees if you have unlimited Canada-Wide calling, and placing calls from within Canada to Canadian numbers.


As for the voicemail, when calling that number, does it not forward you to your voicemail inbox?



@FidoSaad wrote:...Since Fido is part of Rogers, RCI could stand for Rogers Communications Inc...

  Following that, RCI_F could stand for Rogers Communications Inc - Fido.


Hope this helps 😀






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My voicemail is set up but callers get "The caller is unavailable.. try again later" and does not go to voicemail.

When doing the query *#61# I get the following info: