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Undisclosed fees

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I recently went though the service representative line to get my plan changed. It took almost 3 hours of back and forth with the representative to get what I wanted and finally when it came down to the bill. I was charged $15 for administration fees. The representative did not disclose this to me at the time of changing so this came out of nowhere for me. In addition, the plan was supposed to be changed on September rather than August billing cycle. This is another $4 difference in price. 


I'm a bit fed up because I spent hours discussing and waiting for the representative to assist me, only to get charged additional fees that were not discussed in the conversation. If they were discussed then I would understand but as they were not this is frustrating. I never had worse customer service in my life.



Hey @Derick180 Smiley


Sorry to hear about your recent experience! That's definitely not the type of customer service we aim to provide, as it's important for us to be honest and transparent with any changes being made and/or any fees that apply. 


You can reach out through any of the methods listed here and we can look into this further with you!