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Undisclosed setup fee being charged

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I had recently bought a Fido sim for me and 1 for my wife as we got down at Toronto Pearson Airport. During the whole conversation not once did they mention that there would be any kind of setup fees. 

I remember I specifically asked the guy at the booth that my bill will be $50 for me and $45 for my wife's account so a total of $95? and they had replied yes.

I feel this is absolutely wrong to not disclose the setup fees to your new customers. Now suddenly I am seeing extra $100 being charged as setup charges which is ridiculous. I could have rather just activated it myself on the portal!

I wouldn't feel bad if they had told me there was such a fee. But they didn't. I saw other posts that had the same experience.

This is wrong, I want my bills to be corrected.


Hi there @himan20 ,sorry to hear that you received a surprise of $100 set up fees. The set up fees are waived by setting up your sim cards yourself. Sorry you weren't aware of the charges. You can discuss the charges by contacting customer support HERE by using any one of the methods mentioned. We are a peer to peer forum and cannot access people's accounts. I do hope you get a resolution, cheers