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Unable to use last month paid for and almost scammed into double paying!

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

About 2 weeks ago I contact Fido before my last device+data plan payment was due. I asked about cheaper data options for once that ran out as I didn’t need the amount of data I had and have severe financial concerns. I had spoken about my plan running out in May throughout the conversation and not once did the representative bother to point out to me that I actually still had a month of usage left (until June, not May)!!! He also wouldn’t offer any better options so I explained I was going to have to reluctantly switch providers.


A few days later I reached out to another representative because I noticed that it looked like I had a month of usage left (til June). I had just switched to another provider the day before and was in a panic because I switched due to severe financial stress - which I expressed to the representative. I had a tiny window to switch back to Fido for my last month before not being able to get my money back from the new provider. My request was to switch back to use the last month I was paying for! She went along with that and after a couple of hours on the chat (yes, hours), I caught on that she was trying to charge me a whole new fee for the same month of usage that I already had paid for!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not once, did she mention this additional data plan charge and she knew the whole point of me switching back was to use the month I had paid for, not purchase a new data plan on top of the current one!!!!!!! When I caught her out, she gave me some spiel about that’s the policy once you cancel. If that is the policy, why not mention that upfront???? And, what a policy, I had literally switched not even a full day before too!!!! To make matters worse, when I said I wanted nothing more to do with this scammy company she tried to sell me a new data plan!!!!!! Are you kidding me??? I should be refunded my data which I didn’t get to use!

And of course now I have no way of emailing Fido to resolve this!!! How do I contact someone to get my unused data plan money back??? It's now too late to switch back to Fido to use my last month, because I'd get charged by my new provider. 



Hello @Scammed123456,


Welcome to the community!


It seems you are unaware of how your billing and porting a number works and in the process wasted a lot of time.


Cellphone services are usually billed a month in advance and when you port out your number it cancels your services right away there is no going back to what it was, if you cancel in the middle of your cycle then you will receive a pro-rated credit for the unused days and the credit will be issued after your final invoice has been received and the refund would be mailed out via cheque.


Also, does not nor ever provided customer service via email you will need to call them directly, or if you wish you can start a chat.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hi, I cancelled 3 days after the start of my cycle. No one mentioned being able to get that credit back. They basically implied I had lost that money. Are you able to facilitate me getting that cheque for my unused data plan? 

Hey @Scammed123456 Smiley


As mentioned by @KAPABLE-K, you should definitely receive a credit for the unused days of service.


You would get a final invoice with the adjustments on the billing cycle following the cancellation of the account. 
If there's a credit balance, a cheque would be sent automatically to the address on file a few weeks after the final invoice has been generated. 


You can always contact customer service through any method listed here so they can access your account and go over everything with you.