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Same fraud over and over again

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Today, I got an SMS from Fido mentioning that they could not send me the pre-owned iPhone 11 I ordered ( which I did not) and instead they are going to send me a brand new one ( lucky me !!). So I called the customer service to   check out on my so called " new iphone" just to find out that my contact info has been changed and someone hacked into my account and ordered the phone. I asked the customer service to cancel the order, she told me that it has been done few days ago and she can not cancel it now. I told her that appearently the phone is not shipped yet, because I just got your SMS 10 minutes ago. All she can do is to file a case, correct my contact info ( later on I found that she misspelled my email) and told me that the fraud office will contact me. I am actually astonished by the simplicity of fraud in Fido, someone gets into the account, change the email and order a phone to a totally different address and Fido doesn't feel it is wired enough to just send an SMS to the line owner. What is so hard about sending an SMS verification code to the line owner guys? Specially that this has been ongoing issue in your company for a couple of years now (small search online you can see that this happened repeatedly since 2016). So to sum, my account has been breached, my information has been hacked, the thief will get a brand new iPhone 11 as a gift from Fido instead of the preowned one he ordered ( this proves that no bad deed goes unpunished), and I will be waiting for the next couple of days for the call from the fraud section, and the thief will look for another victim in the appearently insecure network. 



Hey @Badawy0118,


Thank you for reporting the fraud so quickly. I understand this situation is less than ideal for anyone. Your concerns regarding this are legitimate, however, rest assured that your account's security remain our utmost priority.


Unfortunately fraudulent activities do happen and with all providers. If you haven't done already, we suggest that you report this to the Canadian Anti-Fraud centre as well.


That said, our Fraud department will investigate the matter thoroughly and get in touch with you. 


Just to clarify, were you able to get you email corrected?