SMS troubleshooting

SMS troubleshooting

SMS troubleshooting

I'm a Participant Level 3

SMS troubleshooting

iMessage works 100% of the time


sms message does not work 100% of the time


sms messages work 100% of the time if 1 or more character is entered in subject field 


it doesn’t say try again with exclamation mark

it looks like it is sent and I wait for reply that isn’t coming 

this is day 27 and no reasonable solution from Apple or Fido they point finger at each other 

they run me in circles to techs that eventually tell me to reboot and pull SIM card in and out, which leaves me calling back and starting all over with new people.  I’m half a thought away from Indian twisting this phone in two 


any idea what the problem is ?

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Hello Hiredguns,


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  I'm not that familiar with iOS...


  From what you mentioned, it sounds like iMessage and MMS works all of the time (SMS with subject field is sent as MMS). Have you verified that your Send as SMS setting is enabled? Did you note whether your phone was connected to the networks when the SMS did not get through?


  Have you tried to send SMS with iMessage disabled? Disclaimer: I'm not sure if disabling iMessage will delete messages on your device or not. You might consider backing up any messages before disabling that feature. It's also possible there is glitch with iMessage and toggling it off and back on might reset it. I understand you have rebooted your phone before, but that might not have affected iMessage.


  Also, you note having this issue for a while, has it always been this way? Was there a period where you didn't have issues sending SMS?


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I'm a Participant Level 3

I’ve tried everything 

this is my 3rd iPhone, this 6s has been active since April and was working fine

it’s not my settings to eliminate that I reset them all.

its not the hardware or software I spent most of a weekend troubleshooting and jumping hoops with Apple techs 

they said it’s the service provider

fido says it’s Apple but Fido keeps insisting I shuffle back to there techs I refuse I’ve had enough 

of it’s not settings it’s not hardware or software 

then it’s service or 300 people have me on ignore 

going to fiido tech will end up like everyday

end of day hits I give up get tired and have to start all over again the next day.  Outrageous if I’m doing there job who’s doing mine

a logical solution ship me new phone with new SIM card I downloaded my info on it ship this one to you and put it in Smithsonian 

mans I mean like 21 days ago 

making me work the problem like it’s my full time job is absolutely outrageous 


Hello again,


  I understand your frustration. I also understand you have reset your settings. Are you able to send SMS with iMessages disabled? Have you tried to use a different SIM in your phone or your SIM in a different phone? It's possible your SIM might need to be replaced.


  Also, has your troubleshooting so far included suggestions from here or here? The one article suggests there might be some unusual bug with sending text messages with the iPhone 6. Possibly yours as well?


Hope this helps 😀




I'm a Participant Level 3

I’m a fairly smart guy 

might we reach the same conclusion with the same information 

then why can’t Fido 

they seem to think that me buying my contract out fir a new phone and SIM card to try it in a situation where service is not provided meaning contract unfulfilled all of a sudden is not of any importance l.

as of now for the first time since I jumped on the Fido train I am officially in data overages, now them making me use data to deal with it is a whole new insult, and I assure you not a **bleep**ing penny will be given.

Hello again,


  I'm not sure I'm seeing the full picture with regards to your issue. I don't think anyone was suggesting you purchase a new phone to try your SIM (at least I wasn't). You can test your SIM in a friend's or family member's phone. You might even be able to test it in a phone at Fido or Apple. You could also use their SIMs in your phone.


Hope this helps 😀




I'm a Participant Level 3

You asking about sim in another phone 

thank you

now your caught up and where I sit with all this


I'm a Participant Level 3

Fido said sure new phone pay $500 for the one you got and start a new 2 year plan


the ignorant part is they selling this exactl phone for $250 now.