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SMS error 2

An interesting thing happened when sending messages last night. I had one friend that I just couldn't send a text to without it failing with a Fido error 2 message. I hit resend numerous times and it just wouldn't send. I had full bars and was on WiFi calling with full strength so I knew it should send. Usually I just delete it and call my friend when this happens.

This time I tried leaving it as not sent and restarted my phone. I then waited for everything to finish up the startup process and went back to messages and tapped it to try again and it sent immediately. I mean immediately. I'm thinking that this error is caused by the cache being close to full or full and clearing it with a restart works.

Of course, like everyone else I usually just write it off to a bad signal and forget about it. Ha, it had nothing to do with my signal.

Sorry for the long winded post but I think this can  help someone else when they experience the error 2



Hello @Original_Lucy,


Thanks for sharing with the community.


It's surprising that a lot of people don't restart their phones. It's just like a computer running all the time software will misbehave at some point and something as simple as restarting fixes most of the issues.


Personally everything I fully charge my phone I restart it and never really have any issues. 

I agree,  I usually turn my phone off at night when charging and for some reason I've just been using airplane mode. I rarely have issues and when I do it is usually resolved by a restart.