Privacy Breach

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Privacy Breach

Did you know that Fido records and then uses an identity technology to identify your voice.

I was just informed in the middle of a sale conversation.

the sales person would then not connect me to a supervisor and does not see the privacy policy that has been breached!

Wow.  they record and identify your voice and do not tell you till half way into your conversation. then state it is not a problem cause I can opt out.

well thanks for telling me in the first place.

ending my account with you.

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Re: Privacy Breach

Hey @FiPerkins!


We take our customer's privacy very seriously and I totally get your concerns. Let me clarify a few things! Smiley 


Voice ID is a new service that keeps your account secure by using your unique voiceprint to authenticate you. We’ll enroll you by capturing your voice with our Voice ID system during the call and creating your voiceprint. The next time you call, we’ll identify you by your voice.


I do get how you can be concerned about privacy, however calls are already recorded anytime you call in. You already trust us to record your voice for quality assurance and for training. When we enroll you in Voice ID, we use the same audio that we use in our quality assurance program. If you enroll, we’ll use the recording to create a digital representation of your voice that works only with our system.


Keep in mind that we only store a digital representation of your voice. The recording is encrypted and only works with our system, so there’s no need to worry. With the steps we’ve taken, your voiceprint can’t access any other systems or be reversed engineered.


I hope that answers your question and addresses your concern, let me know if you have others! 



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Re: Privacy Breach

I believe the moderators will toe the FIDO line and only give you scripted answers. Social media outside of their controlled forums may get less of the 'chatbot' respone and a more responsible reply and ownership. Their collection extends to FIDO's weak security and trite and dismissive customer inquiries. There are better venues to voice your concerns on this and their collection of data before consent is an issue and you genuinely have no way to know that it a deleted or made non-identifiable.


Taking screenshots as moderators are deleting content.

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Re: Privacy Breach

Thanks for your feedback @FiPerkins, @Stwan,


I'll try to clarify how the Voice ID feature works and hopefully this will address most of your concerns.


As mentioned, this feature is an added security option that you can opt in at your convenience to secure your account. It is not mandatory, similar to how you can add a security PIN number to validate yourself if you wish to. You can find more info on our FAQ page.


Simply put, conversations are already recorded for quality purposes. All information provided during those calls, personal info, banking information and such are not gathered. That being said, during the conversation, the Voice ID tool will prompt the agent to confirm if you'd like to opt in or not (if this has not already been confirmed). We do NOT enroll you without your consent, and mentioning it later in the conversation is directly related to the tool's prompt. 


I.e : there is too much background noise and the Voice ID tool cannot have a clear voice print set up. No prompt will be provided and the agent will not mention it during the call.


Choosing to opt out, will disable the Voice ID authentification for your user going onward. Opting in, will create a voice print to authenticate you personally as a user. I'm using the word "user" here, as anyone else calling to access your account and pretending to be you will be denied when using the Voice ID. This tool helps us differentiate which authorized users on the account are calling as well. This is precisely how we can protect your account using your voice print.


About voice prints :


  • It works even if you have a cold
  • Uses your unique vocal tract to identify you
  • Only works on our end, as you would need to reach our call center for it to kick in

If by any chance you've enrolled in it, and feel that you're uncomfortable with having your voice print with us, we do have a process in place to delete it. We do take our privacy policy very seriously and we remain available to answer any question/concern you may have.


All in all, Voice ID is simply an alternative if you do not wish to use your DOB or other personal information as well as a reliable identification feature. Using an account PIN would also be another way to go about it, and we'd be happy to go over your account's security settings together if you'd like.


Hope this clarifies, and let us know if you have any questions.

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I'm a Participant Level 3 Stwan
I'm a Participant Level 3

Re: Privacy Breach

I differ in my opinion, that even when using a PIN, customes still get asked questions.


So no I don't believe you are correct, you should try dialing in yourself to find out.


"Using an account PIN would also be another way to go about it, and we'd be happy to go over your account's security settings together if you'd like." 


This is incorrect statement, however, I am more inclined to ask the Privacy Commisioner to make an inquiry, who at your office should they contact?



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Re: Privacy Breach

Hey @Stwan


I'm sorry if you were sometimes asked other information after giving your PIN.  The PIN should replace these other questions.  If you're not comfortable providing your information on the phone, we offer a live chat service on  Also, many transactions can be done using our self-serve options on our website.

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