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Privacy Breach

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Please does anyone know where your personal data can be accessed ?


Address Etc.

i am told when I had odd phone calls coming in that the phone # transfer was free on my plan.


Now it seems that the techie person didn’t even document that’s the reason I called.


Plus my issues weren’t fixed.


6 years with another company and no issues of older user # harassment or whatever this is!


Including a weird Chinese sounding repeat robot type calling taking up my voicemail.


i got charged 50$ lose of deposit and 29$ for phone switch with a plan that advertised Spotify and 5 free phone # switching.


Spotify never worked 

Got told I can’t switch back

Plus being techno harassed 




Anyone have insight ?



Former Moderator
Former Moderator



As for the calls, these are usually spam calls. We have many customers affected by such calls, I even received quite a few myself. They are not coming from us. We are doing our best to fight such scamming attempts but it is not possible to block them at this time. 


As far as your account info, plan and bill is concerned I'll be happy to take a peek and check out what happened there. I'll be sending you a PM here shortly. 


Chat soon!