Poor customer service

Poor customer service

Poor customer service

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Poor customer service

So I was with fido for around 3 years, never miss a payment. I was a good customer. I use to have the $50 4GB plan with 500 min for calls across Canada. Then I saw the back to school offer that offers unlimited minutes for talking and 9GB for the same $50.


I decided to contact customer service to get that deal. I know it's "only" for new customers, but come on I have a good record with fido and I was just asking for what's on market, not for a discount. I spoke with 3 different customer service agents (including a retention member) during the same day. I mentioned that virgin is offering the same deal for new customers and I just wanted to get the same deal. All they offered me was 1 gb for 12 months...


I must say that I used to work at a corporate store at Rogers and whenever we connected a customer to the retention team they would do wonders to keep them happy, so I was very disappointed that all fido could do for me was 1 gb for 12 months... If we add to that all the time I had to spent on hold each of the three times, you can see how upsetting this was...


So.. that same day I changed to virgin and ported my two lines. Few days later I got this email:

A Fido Ambassador will call you
in the next few days. We’ll reach out to you with a special, exclusive offer that we can only tell you about on this call. We hope this conversation can help make things right.

Pick up when you see Fido on your call display. We look forward to speaking with you."


To my surprise instead of calling to the line that used to be the main line previously, they called to my fiancee's number. She couldn't pick as she was driving. She gave a call back once she got home (I was present), whoever pick the called introduce himself as a fido ambassador for the winback team. My fiancee said: "yes, I'm listening" and right after the guy hung the call....


Is this fido's great plan to win abck their customers? I mean that besides how terrible they treated me when all I asked was for matching the in-market plan...


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Haven't contacted support yet, but I plan to. I just upgraded my phone with the same plan your talking about $50 4gb. I was forced to downgrade from $50 for 5GB and never missed a payment. Now I see a promotion for new upgrades, like really? My phone is less than one month old. If they refuse me it's going to feel like a slap to the face. I decided to stay with them when doing an upgrade so if I get screwed over because I bought a phone 3 weeks before a promotion I will be super pissed.

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Just to update: I contacted support and had it resolved. Very satisfied.

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@Jessayy @In almost similar situations, can I ask who you have contacted? phonecall or online chat?

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I used live chat, was talking to a lady named Lucie. My phone was 5-8 days over the 15 day period. If you had the phone for 15 days I'm sure there would be no issue with switching plans, however, mine was a little bit over so they were able to do me a favour for my next payment. If you're past the 15 day period and it's been months I'm not sure if they can help you, however I would've found it extremely unfair if I wasn't able to take advantage of a deal because I was 5-8 days over it especially when I decided to renew my contract with a different phone.

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I'm just baffled... fido should have the information of the account and the two numbers there as well as who is the account holder.. yet they keep calling the wrong number...

Hey @davedf!


Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us as we're always working on ways to improve for our customers and all feedback does help Smiley


We're going to take a look at what's going on and ensure someone gets in touch with you. I'm sending a PM your way, see you there! 


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So I never heard back from Fido... zero attempts to "win me back"... Since we are past that point. Will you guys have the decency to send me a cheque with the balance that was left in my account?

Hey @davedf,


I'm sorry to learn that you haven't heard back yet. I'll send you another PM to take another look at your account. For future reference, if you have any account specific requests please contact us through one of those channels.


Of course that if the final invoice includes negative amount, it will be refunded to you by cheque. You should get the cheque 2-3 weeks after the final invoice comes out. 


I'll see you in PM soon. 

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i saw that a modertor like the preivous post in this tread, which is great. it seems that they just are ignoring my problem...


yesterday an ambassador call to my fiancee's line (again). she was at work and ask the ambassador if he could call the other line on the file to which he replied yes. I'm still waiting.... will I ever get call? will fido ever actually try to "win me back"?