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Poor customer service.

I'm a Participant Level 3
I'm a Participant Level 3

I have been a long time Fido customer. I even left for Telus once and came back but their customer service is horrendous. I used their lackluster "Ask Jack" platform and had a terrible experience. Once I connected with an actual agent, after all the prompts, it still took over an hour and a half to resolve my simple issues. I had two reasons for contacting Fido: cancel Fido Roams and unlock my account. I had entered my password incorrectly a few times and got locked out. The agent on the platform left me waiting for an hour to resolve the first issue (Fido Roams) and then when I asked about the second issue I was given copy and pasted instructions on how to REGISTER my account. My account was clearly already registered. When I called Fido to complain about my experience they said there was nothing they could do and apologized for my experience. Then they offered me a preexisting phone plan that was being offered regardless of my calling in to complain. So they offered nothing but a useless apology. Thanks for wasting my time Fido and reminding me why I left the first time.
Side note: If a Fido agent responds to these comments please do not recommend contacting you through social media. I do not have any. Also what is the point of saying that you will email the "Ask Jack" transcript and then never do it. It has been 2 weeks and still no transcript.


I'm a Participant Level 3
I'm a Participant Level 3

Exactly. House of horrors!

Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello Tyler15,


  Welcome to the community!


  Sorry to hear of your experience with customer services. I understand you do not wish to be recommended to contact social media. However, you should note that the forums are community-driven and are not intended as a venue for customer services. We wouldn't be able to look into your situation. While there may be some moderators still willing to provide assistance via PM, you will likely need to re-contact customer service


Hope this helps 😀




I'm a Participant Level 3
I'm a Participant Level 3

I appreciate your response but your advice is to call and waste more of my time? I called before and they did nothing. Fido is a joke.