Non existent Customer Loyalty!!

Non existent Customer Loyalty!!

Non existent Customer Loyalty!!

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Non existent Customer Loyalty!!

Are there really any incentives to stay with a company that doesn't value your years of loyalty?? 
I had a lengthy conversation  with a CSR and manager, and they just repeat the same thing. Although, I was repeating myself but I wholly believe I have the right to get a better offer as I have been with Fido for 15 years. 
I have convinced family members, friends and coworkers to switch to Fido because I'm the past, I was receiving great deals and the Fido dollars program was very useful. 
But now, it seems loyalty means squat. New customers are getting the same or even better deals than I am. I only recently received a good deal on my plan, while over 15 years I have been paying a high rate for a long time customer. 
the manager just kept repeating that I was getting a good deal right now for my loyalty but when I look on the site, NEW customers are getting the same deal. It's really frustrating!  
my coworker, who I convinced to switch from Bell and has only been with Fido, coming in 3 years got a text offering the iPhone 11, for zero down and $25.84/month for 24 months. 
2 months ago, I recently upgraded, after 6yrs with an iPhone 6, to an iPhone 11 for $205 down and $33.33/month for 24 months. Seeing as I needed a new phone as my old phone was on the fritz, I agreed. 
So I was a bit angry and frustrated because that almost a $300 savings over my plan that is full price. I live chat fido, talk to a rep and manager for over an hour to see if I can at least get some sort of credit for loyalty and all they kept repeating is that they can't do anything, and not even if a new promo comes up, I cannot get a good deal unless I buy out my contract. Sounds stupid to me!! And to top it off, the manager cuts off the chat abruptly to get rid of me because he/she said I was the one going in circles. Rude. 15 years wasted on this ungrateful company. 


Hey @Cha4


Thank you for your loyalty, and I can assure you that we value all our customers, new and old.


We also provide exclusive offers for your lines, which you can usually find online by logging into your profile. Have you had a chance to take a look or did you get the chance to discuss those options with our agents?


In terms of device pricing though, those do change as promotions or discounts are available for a limited time only. These bill credit promotions are available to all, and you can also visit our website to find more info on our ongoing clearance or limited time offers


Hope this clarifies Smiley

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@FidoSaad, @FidoDaniela - Thank you for the reply and notification. As mentioned, the manger that I chatted with said i will not be able to receive any future discounts unless I buy out my current contact. Why would I need two phones??  That manager was of no help and angered me more lol. 

The promotion I asked about was current and i just wanted some credit as I had mentioned, I've been a customer for 15years and counting. New customers are getting better deals than myself. My coworker, who I convinced ti switch over to Fido, showed me the deal he received via text (iPhone 11, zero down, $25.84/month, 24 months). I was a bit upset, because I just signed a new contract but I'm paying full price, over 24 months with a down payment of $205.

the only perk I received with my new contract was a lower monthly bill, and 2 extra gigs. 

The manager I chatted with made it sound like my new contract (which I signed 2 months ago)was the best deal for my years of loyalty. But when I looked on the promotions, I saw thst new customers are already receiving my rate but with a little more perks! So no, that is not loyalty!!

The manager I chatted with did not want to help, which made the situation worse and I am still not happy. Plus I requested a copy of the conversation, which still has not been sent. 

Judging by the complaints on here, I'm not the only one with the issue. 

Hello @Cha4 


We definitely want you to get the bet possible experience with us when you contact the customer service. Based on what you explained, it seems that we couldn't find an offer that you like. 


However, it's important to know that we are always working to offer you the best promotions that we have on our end. Also, we can only go with what's available on our end.


We would be happy to go over what was discussed with you, simply to make sure that you received the best options.

There's a PM coming your way. Talk to you soon.

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@FidoKenny , thank you for your reply. There is a promotion that I like, and it's the one thst my coworker received (iPhone 11, zero down, $25.84/month for 24 months). 
I asked the manager to at least provide a credit of the $205 that I made, so it would almost match the deal my coworker received. 
I paid $205 down for the iPhone 11, 64gb, plus $33.33/month, for 24 months, I am paying for the phone in full. 
At least my deposit refunded would show some loyalty. 

Thanks for the clarification @Cha4


As mentioned though, the promotions and discounts will be based on what's currently available.


Device pricing is the same for all customers. Even if your friend did not have to pay the an upfront cost of $205 for the device, that amount will be added to the total financed amount we provide. In other words it's added to the total that will then be divided over 24 equal payments for the duration of the term. You can read more about our Fido Payment Program for more info.


What will vary though will be the bill credit linked to your device.Since those are a limited time promotions, they are subject to change as we constantly review our prices.This also means that if you did not purchase your phone at the same time as your friend, the applicable promotion may not be the same.


However, if your purchase was made within the 15 satisfaction warranty, we can arrange a correction to the updated promotion (if applicable).


Hope this clarifies, and we've replied to your PM. We'll continue with you there Smiley

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Hi  @FidoSaad ,

I am unclear with the pricing program. How is the $205 added to to total cost when his added monthly payment is $25.84 with no deposit?

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> But now, it seems loyalty means squat.


Exactly.  I'm leaving Fido, just waiting for the new SIM card to arrive by mail.  Fido won't match a plan from another carrier, and they won't let me switch to a plan that's listed on their website because it's only for new customers.


So, I guess that's it, Fido basically said to me - tough cookies, go ahead and leave.  So I'm leaving, never to return.  Good luck and farewell.

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Exactly. I got the same reply from all reps; on live chat and here. Basically tough luck-they want me to buy out my $1000 contract to get a better deal?!? Ridiculous.
No help no understanding, no flexibility for longtime loyal customers. It was bad enough when they took away the Fido dollars plan, which I had $300 worth that were gone. 
Service has majorly gone down hill.  

Hello Cha4,


  Welcome to the community!


@Cha4 wrote:...they want me to buy out my $1000 contract to get a better deal?!? Ridiculous.

No help no understanding, no flexibility for longtime loyal customers....

  That has nothing to do with customer loyalty. You are under contract. You agreed to finance your phone with a particular set circumstances. I understand it's frustrating finding a better promotion or deal after you've made your agreement. That's why Fido offers their 15-day Satisfaction Guarantee. However, you made your agreement two months ago. Unfortunately, that is outside of their guarantee timeline.


Hope this helps 😀






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@Cawtau @I understand I have mentioned several times.....

there have been instances where other companies offer a credit to their clients for their longtime commitment, regardless of a signed contract. Something called goodwill. 

Hello again,


@Cha4 wrote:...Something called goodwill...

  You were provided a gesture of Goodwill.


@Cha4 wrote:...the only perk I received with my new contract was a lower monthly bill, and 2 extra gigs...

  You're just not satisfied with their Goodwill gesture. Some people would be happy to receive an extra 2 GB of data.






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@Cawtau , 


New customers are getting that deal plus an extra gig. So no, that is not a special deal I am getting.


Hello again,


  You are comparing your loyalty plan you received two months ago with a current promotion. You received a good deal when you made your agreement. However, promotions with potentially better deals may be available after you've agreed to a contract. That does not mean that you did not receive a good loyalty deal when you made your agreement.


  It's also possible other promotions will be available for Black Friday and the run-up to Christmas which could be even better than the current promotion. That doesn't mean that people who opted for the current promotion didn't get good deals. That's the nature of promotions. Unfortunately, you're now under contract. If you wish to avail of any future promotions, you would have to either wait until your current contract expires or buy-out your contract.




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Hey @Cm2017, we would hate to see you leave. We always want to provide our customers with the best possible solutions and offers. That being said, we can also only offer you options we have available at this time. There are plenty of reasons to pick Fido over another carrier. I am going to send you a PM so we can double-check the past offers and review all options together!