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My account has been hacked

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi there,


As of what seems to be yesterday, I am the victim of fraud. Google notified me thaty my password associated with my FIDO account was compromised, and I received an email from fido stating that someone had requested a PIN change on my account (email dated October 9th).


I log in to find that two new lines have been set up under two names. My billing address was updated too.


One new line has been set up under the name Solomon Eugene, with a device bill of $1112.96 CAD

The other, under the name Jay Linas has a device bill of $942.80 CAD


I have taken thje following action:

- Changed my password

- Removed both of the new numbers as authorised accounts on my FIDO account


I have tried the following without success:

I am unable to change my Billing address back to my home address (error 502)

- I am unable to contact FIDO support as the lines are closed and the number to call withn suspicious activity does not work


I am unable to remove or cancel these accounts without further assistance from FIDO.

Any help appreciated.





Hey @drof1337! Philippe here. I hope your doing well. Smiley


That's certainly unsettling! I suggest you contact us as soon as possible about these unauthorized changes on your account. You can do that here or request a PM from the community.


Also, I had to edit your post, as it contained private information that is currently on your account.


Let us know if you have any more questions.