Missing $50 referral credit

Missing $50 referral credit

Missing $50 referral credit

I'm a Participant Level 3

Missing $50 referral credit

My son and I are still missing our $50 referral credits. It's been almost two months since I contacted the referral department and their response is always "we are investigating."


I've been a new customer since December and am still waiting for my credit. This is unacceptable.

I'm a Participant Level 3

Hi @FidoNick. Thank you for your quick reply.  My son referred me and I accepted the offer within 45 days.  My son's referral status shows our referral as "Unsuccessful" back on December 10, 2020.


The referral team has not provided any new updates.  When I ask them to escalate the case to their manager, their replay is the same "We are investigating".  I first contacted the referral team back on February 5 and there has been no new updates or progress since then besides that they are working on it.





Hey there @Gregory4


Here are some additional questions we would like to ask you:


- Was your accounts suspended or cancelled within these two months? We cannot add the referral credit to a suspended or cancelled account.


- Did you or your son ported your numbers from another provider after you've registered for the offer and activated your lines?


- Can you take a moment to check the status of your referral by clicking Check Status after you've logged into the Refer Your Friends homepage? Let us know what you see there.



I'm a Participant Level 3

Hi @FidoVan. Our accounts have not been suspended or cancelled in these two months.


I ported my number after I accepted the referral offer.


1) I accepted referral offer and signed up for phone plan on Nov 22


2) original phone order didn't go through, so had to sign up for phone plan again on Nov 28


3) the referral status shows as unsuccessful on Dec 10


4) I activated my line on Dec 21


It looks like the referral credit was unsuccessful, but I still have multiple chat logs where the reps reassured me that I will receive the referral credit.


At this point, my son and I just want our $50 credits. This issue has already taken up a lot of my time and it has been a frustrating experience. Thank you.


Hi @Gregory4!


If you’ve registered to the Refer a Friend program and either of you change the phone number, you or your friend will need to update the number. Contact the Fido Refer A Friend Program support team via the Contact Us link on the Fido Refer A Friend Program website.


I hope this helps. 



I'm a Participant Level 3

Hi @FidoFaiza. I provided Fido with my current number back on February 5, but my case is still being investigated. It has been almost two months for their investigation and this long wait is unacceptable. I also asked for my case to be escalated multiple times and my request was ignored.


At this rate, I am not confident with renewing my contract or recommending Fido to friends and family. Thank you. 

Hey @Gregory4! Philippe here.


If you've had no updates since then, we'll be happy to take a look with you via PM, as that's certainly been a long wait. Just let us know and we'll send you one.

I'm a Participant Level 3

Hi @FidoPhilippe.Yes, I would like to receive a PM to solve this problem. I certainly qualify for this referral credit and have chat logs to back up my claim. I would prefer to just receive a one time credit of $50 for both my son and my account and be done with this issue instead of investigating this. I've gone through so much trouble already. Thank you.

I'll send you a PM sortly then! Talk to you soon. Smiley


Hey @Gregory4!


We definitely want you to get your credit and we'd love to help Smiley

Did you and your son refer each other, or were you both referred by someone else? Also, once referred, did you accept the referral offer within 45 days?


You did mention that you contacted the referral team and they're investigating. Did they provide any updates yet?