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Is there a plan that allows me to receive texts overseas without Fido roam?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hello, I'm currently out of Canada but needs to keep my phone number so that I can receive texts (mostly verification codes). I called the customer service a few times and changed my plan to this 250mb date + unlimited texts one for $15 per month. He promised that I could receive texts out of Canada but I couldn't. Is it because this plan doesn't have fido roam? Is there any plans that enable me to receive texts with no data or calls? Thank you!


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Senior MVP

Hello Zachacriii,


  Welcome to the community!


  That plan is only available for use on the Fido networks (not available on extended networks or roaming; see details here). It seems as though you would need a plan with Fido Roam in order to be eligible to use services outside of Canada. That said, if you chose not to travel with Fido Roam, you would need to opt-out of the service. Opting-out of Fido Roam would mean that you would use your services on a pay-per-use basis. You can view the rates here.


  While receiving SMS would not trigger a Fido Roam charge, you should note that any data within a MMS (received or sent) would be considered roaming data and would trigger a Fido Roam charge.


  Fido does not appear to offer an text-only plans. They do have their Talk & Text plan which does include the ability to roam. You can view the plans from the link above.


Hope this helps 😀