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I was charged for 411 and taxi calls I never made

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

I'm a senior and rarely use my phone.  My bill is usually $28.  This month my bill was $49 because Fido says I called 411 and Taxi a few times.   I've never called 411 or for a Taxi so how did this occur?  If I hit a wrong button on my phone is there a way to block 411 and Taxi from being used?   This is ridiculous that I'm charged almost double and never received any extra service.  Or is this just cash grab from low income subscribers?


Hello @maryg , strange calls on your phone is a concern for sure. If you didn't make these calls, is it possible someone else did? Have you looked in you phone app under recently called heading and checked for any call made in the last billing month? I don't believe that Fido would randomly charge you for calls that weren't made from your phone. 

Have you tried calling into fido at *611 from your phone to speak with an agent to look at your account?  I am pretty confident that a fido customer service rep would be able to  help you solve the issue. Take care