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I can not change my plan and can not log in on the app

I'm a Participant Level 3
I'm a Participant Level 3

I have not been able to change my plan by myself since June 10. In addition, I could not log in the app by myself. Currently, I use 20 GB data plan, but I am in long business trip, out of Canada, since June 12. Thus, I was about to change my plan as the cheapest one without free data because I only need to get a verfication code via SMS, sometimes. However, I could not change the plan due to your technical issue. .  


I have already discussed this issue with two fido agents (FYI, here is the reference#: I1665825007, I1666439721) by disassociating my account with my profile to fix the problem. Unfortunately, they could not fix the problem, so they gave me a ticket (C167165373) and guranteed it will be fixed in 3 days. However, it was not fixed and there is no response for a week. Please do not deceive your customer.


I am really considering that I should close my account because I have been really upset due to this issue. I am a customer, but I could not access your system around 10 days. I do not want to waste my money anymore due to your technical issue!  


It would be appreciated if someone could solve this problem. 



Hello @Asulika,


Sorry to hear it's taking longer than expected to have your issue resolved.

Feel free to contact us overthese methods, we'll be happy to help.

I'm a Participant Level 3
I'm a Participant Level 3

Thank you for the info. I have tried to contact live chat methods three times with different agents. I think every agent has different knowledge. someone has very shallow and someone has very deep... the first and second were very shallow. It was a very disappointing experience.

Anyway, here is the solution for the other people because now I got the solution.  

for the view plans, I have used the plan, which is an exclusive offer from fido, so systemically I could not see other plans lower than what I use. 
That was the reason why I could not access the view plans, and could not see other plans.


for the My Account app, I am out of Canada now. which was the reason why I could not log in to the app.