How to obtain an esim card?

How to obtain an esim card?

How to obtain an esim card?

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How to obtain an esim card?



I have been using two phones, one with Fido from Canada, the other one from another country, now I see that there's esim card which can be used together with a physical sim card on the same phone. How can I get an esim card from fido? Can I get from mail cuz I don't wanna go to the store or malls at this special time...

Oh one more question, if I buy a new phone, do I need to get another new esim card to use on the new phone?


Thank you very much.

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Is it possible to do it online?

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For the time being, you can only order an e-SIM through customer care channels or retails stores that sell Fido products. (except Best Buy).





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If your phone supports eSIM, we can definitely get you one! In terms of changing phone, an eSIM can only be activated once. If you change phone you will have to buy a new eSIM.


We're sending you a PM so we can get you an eSIM. See you there Smiley 

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Hi there! I'm also interested in buying an eSIM, how can I get it?


Thank you!

Hey @JRobles


For information on eSIM support, click here. 


As of now, all retail stores who sell Fido products have eSIMs (except Best Buy). 


I hope this answered your question!

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Thank you! I'll call the nearest store to find out if they can help.