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Horrible Service at Quiznos - Did not honor coupon

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Good Day:

I am writing to express my deepest concern, horror, and disgust at the state of Quiznos customer service in Canada and more specifically: that of the franchise owner at Quiznos STORE #8128, World Trade Center, 393 St. Jaques Local C146 Montreal, QC H2Z 2B1
I walked to this location today (11-Feb-2019) at around 1:00 pm from work. I wanted to have lunch and had a coupon for a FREE 6" sub from FIDO. Promo details attached below. This coupon is supposed to be a loyalty gift from Fido for customers but is also an opportunity for Quiznos to showcase their product to potential new customers - a mutual partnership between the companies.
I arrived at the location and said, before making my order, that I have a coupon for a free 6" sub. The woman serving immediately told me to come back after 3:00 pm. I said that there was no time limit on the coupon, just a date expiration which was Feb 28th. She said, "no free sub until after 3 o'clock". I looked at the other server who was silently observing, and I asked her "if the other woman was serious?", she did not respond. At this point, another customer was behind me and I told him to go ahead and make his order. I went to the cashier (male). I told him I had a coupon. He said "after 3:00pm". I told him, there is no time limit. He practically shouted at me "if you want free stuff, you need to wait, don't come at peak/busy time, come back after 3". I asked him if he was the owner, he said yes. I said as a franchisee you have to honor the coupon. He said (absurdly) "right, I am the franchisee, I pay the franchise fee, I can do what I want, don't come for a free sub during peak time, come after 3, if you have a problem call head office". So I told him to give me the number and the store number. He ignored me.
At this point, customers were behind me and I was extremely HURT, EMBARRASSED, SHAMED, and TRAUMATIZED. I cannot believe I was treated like a beggar. This man is absolutely horrible and should be PUNISHED and stripped of this disgusting franchise. Does he not understand that the head office or Fido will reimburse him the cost of the coupon? Even if not, does he not realize the marketing potential of these promotions? It can build loyalty, it can be an opportunity to showcase your best service and product and acquire new customers. Maybe if I had tried it and it tasted good, I would have come back and paid for more lunch and dinner, maybe with friends. There was not even a lot of people being served at the time, and there was plenty of food available, it is not like he was out of stock of "free sandwiches".
This visit may have turned me off from Quiznos forever. However, seeing that I made the walk all the way there, I decided to go to the other Quiznos a couple of blocks away. At this location, they were happy to redeem my coupon and were aware of the FIDO promo. Unfortunately, at this point, my cellphone battery had died, so I ended up walking away without any lunch and a sour disgusted after-taste of the entire ordeal.
I really hope that you follow up STRICTLY with this case, reprimanding the owner only seems fit. That man does not deserve to be in that position, I honestly don't care how much money he pays for a franchise. He is supposed to uphold a standard. I do not know what else to say. You can choose to handle this how you want, but I feel I deserve a direct and public apology from this nasty ower, and some sort of reconciliation for my defamation, embarrassment, and inconvenience.
Thanks & Regards,

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Unfortunately, neither me, my wife or my daughter, who are all Fido customers and received the coupon code could even experience Quiznos today as the code was expired even though it's not supposed to expire until the end of the day today.  Guess we need to get while we can.:pouting_face:

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

We had a negative experience at 33 Yonge St, in Toronto, with the owner (Vijay) not being willing to honour the coupon on Tuesday. First, he said he would only give 4” instead of 6” and had to be classic menu (cheaper) instead of any kind, then when we went to cash out with coupons he said we had to buy something instead of free, so one of us bought a cookie and the other one chips. Then he pretended that the coupons were not being accepted by his machine when scanned. After some insístanse and persistence the coupons suddenly “worked”, but the sandwiches were pathetic with only one small thin slice of meat and cheese and tomato. Pictures of both 4” subs attached here. Also, hygiene was poor with sandwiches made without wearing gloves until we insisted they please wear them.


Also, although the promotion ends later today at 11:59pm, colleagues’ 3 Fido codes were not accepted by their 3 different Quiznos app earlier today on their 3 different mobile devices even though they had never used the quiznos app/account/coupon before.


This situation is negative for customers, for quiznos and for Fido.






Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP



  I understand Fido is already aware of this issue, but I just wanted to share my experience.


  After reading on FidoSolutions' twitter feed that the 33 Yonge Street franchise was now accepting the offer, I decided to make my way down. Once there, they informed me that the offer was only for a Ham and Swiss chesse sub. I explained the details of the promotion to them yet they were adamant it was only for the Ham and Swiss cheese. So I called the number provided above by FidoSaad while I was at the store. As the Quiznos customer service representative was getting the details from me on the phone, I witnessed one of the employees making their own sandwich **without washing their hands or wearing gloves**.


  In the end, I didn't get the free sub. However, from what I witnessed, I'm not sure I would want one from there even if they were forced to honour the promotion. I understand a lot of these issues are franchise specific. Unfortunately, the other locations are just not feasible for me Sad


  I hope there were at least some people who were able to get their free sub without all the drama.




Hello @JevinRamjattan,


You are not alone It seems as though many other customers were treated badly including myself. I can only hope this entire ordeal hurts the company enough that they will retrain their franchisees. 

Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey there @JevinRamjattan


That is not the kind of experience we'd want our customers to have, and thanks for sharing your feedback.


We do have a process available to ensure that locations are compliant with the offer provided. You would be able to escalate your concerns with Quiznos directly, for support with redeeming the product: 

  • Email:
  • Phone: 1-866-486-2783


In the meantime, we've also forwarded the details of the location to the appropriate channels. Hope this helps, and let us know how it goes!

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

So, I finally went to another location and found this sign up. 550 Du, Avenue du Président-Kennedy, Montréal, QC H3A 1J9


I asked the franchisee for the sub, since I was there last week but my battery died. She said they were not participating any longer because they did so 7 days last week and NEVER got paid or compensated by FIDO nor Quiznos HQ for the free subs. She still honored my coupon since I was there last week, but I sort of understand from her point of view. FIDO or QUIZNOS did not arrange this properly and keep passing blame to the other. UPPER MANAGEMENT puts in place something and leaves the details down to the lower folk to fight it out. So sad. 




Hey @JevinRamjattan!


Fido XTRA allows ours customers to experience different perks every Thursday and we always want these promotions to go as smoothly as possible for our customers. Feedback towards Fido XTRA has been very positive from users and we do our best to put promotions in place that will make customers excited to use the service. We do understand though that there’s always room for improvement and we do appreciate that you have taken the time to leave your feedback.


We want to assure you that we’ve been working closely with Quiznos in this promotion so that all feedback from Fido customers is prioritized on their end so that all Fido customers can benefit from the promotion. You mentioned earlier that you contacted Quiznos directly; this is definitely the right thing to do in this situation as they’ll be able to look into things and work towards a solution.


I hope this information helps out and we hope you continue to use FidoXTRA perks in the future. Smiley

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

I have also contacted Quiznos regarding the matter, but I also think that Fido should bear some of the responsibility seeing that it is your promo and your partner. Or at least be aware of how your brand is being smeared.

Hey @JevinRamjattan, I can assure you, this situation was shared internally. 


We're looking into it!