Hacked account

Hacked account

Hacked account

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Hacked account

My account was hacked and multiple case #s were opened by Fido to resolve the issue. I have been told multiple times that I would get a call back within 72 hours and still have not received anything from Fido.  It has been a couple of weeks already, still nothing.

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My daughters account was just hacked and they didn't do anything and didn't even file a fraud report when they said they would. Called them back the next day and explained to them again about the hacked account and they told her nothing has been filed and told her to call the fraud number. The person only works Mon. to Fri. 8 to 4. My daughter works 12 hour shifts at a hospital and has no time to call during these hours. She had to cancel her credit card and can't even get onto her account. Where do they hire these people if they can't fix things or help you. They should be available 24/7 in these situations.

She and myself will be switching cell phone companies because of this. Hire people who knows how to do there work and understands what you are telling them. I am toatally peeved at this moment. My daughter will have to wait longer to get this fixed and mean while these hackers will be using her name, date of birth and what ever else was on her account to use for fraudulant things. FIDO YOU NEED TO FIX THIS NOW AND PROTECT YOUR ACCOUNTS SO THIS DOESN"T HAPPEN AGAIN!!!!! We will also be getting a lawyer to fight this in court with you.

Hello @2-frustrated,


I'm sorry to hear this hasn't been a good experience and we definitely make our customer's security a top priority. 

Did you manage to have a fraud report since yesterday?


If not, your daughter is welcome to send us a PM here and we'll be happy to look into with her. 

I'm a Participant Level 3

she did report it to the Canadian Fraud report, but the situation is on your part. She called the first time to Fido and the person who she was talking to didnt know how to fix the problem but she opened up a fraud report. My daughters account was locked in the fraud account therefore she could not get into her account or receive any info from fido. Before 9pm the problem was not resolved and at 9pm the person hung up on her. The next day she called back after working a 12 hour shift at the hospital 7am -7pm and spoke to a different person, this person couldn't even get into the account and stated that no fraud file was reported the night before but gave her a name and number through fido to get incontact with. The problem with this this person only works Mon to Fri 8 to 4 and can not get in touch with him because she is a nurse at a hospital and works 12 hour shifts during the week. This has been reported first time on Thursday February 18, 2021 about 7:30pm and than again on Friday th 19th of February 2021 at the same time. the person who she needs to get in touch with dosen't work on the weekends and she wont be able to get in touch with this person is on her only day off is on Wednesday February 24, 2021. This is way to long to get this sorted out and thr fraudulant person who hacked her account is still on the account doing who knows what. In this situation there should be someone available 24/7 to handle this. This is the reason why she will be switching to a new phone company and so will I.

Hey @2-frustrated!


We understand fraudulent activity is frustrating and we take all cases of fraud very seriously. On our end, we have measures in place to prevent fraud and if ever fraudulent activity does occur our fraud team does everything they can to rectify the situation and block the attempt.


If there was fraud suspected, it's likely they've blocked her online account as that's the first step we take. What we suggest is that she call her fraud advisor and leave a message explaining the situation as well as when she's available and they'll do their best to contact her at a time that works for her.


We hope that information helps out! 


Hey @Gordpromo! Welcome to the community. Smiley


We're sad to read about your account. That's certainly an unpleasant experience!


For an update on your case, I suggest you contact us here. Alternatively, we can also send you a PM from the community.

I'm a Participant Level 3

My Daughter left a message this past Friday February 19, 2021 to the Fido Fraud department and left a message with a Brendon. This is now Tuesday and she still hasn't heard back from thim. How long dose it take to resolve this matter and get back to you. You wouls think that she should have gotten a reply back on Monday. Waiting several days to get this fixed is unacceptable especially whe it is a fraud case. This should be top priority and not sweep it away hoping that she will forget about it. Not happy with Fido and as soon as my new card comes in to place in my phone I will be done with Fido. You should be here to help in this situation asap. She did all the nessesary stuff to protect herself as soon as she found out, but is waiting on Fido to fix it on your end. 

Hey @2-frustrated


Sorry to hear that you're having trouble contacting the fraud advisor assigned to your case.


You can reach out to our fraud/validation team at this number instead: 1-800-644-7174 and the first available agent will follow up on your situation.


Can you get in touch with them and let us know how it goes?