Google Pixel - VoLTE

Google Pixel - VoLTE

Google Pixel - VoLTE

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Google Pixel - VoLTE

Hello!  I was wondering if Fido has an ETA on allowing VoLTE for the Pixel/Pixel XL on its network?  Google pushed an update in early December enabling VoLTE support, however Fido seems to be lagging with enabling the service for a few devices, including the Pixel/Pixel XL.  Any chance Fido will throw us a bone?




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VoLTE was enabled with the April update, the May 1st update is just a regular monthly security update.

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Hey @Zehlek1


Are you using a Fido phone? 

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Yes. It is the blue Pixel XL which I ordered from Fido customer service

Do you have the latest software update @Zehlek1 ?

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I am currently on Android 8.1, It seems to be working now. Do you know when WiFi calling will be suppoerted? If it is for Pixel XL, how do I enable it?


Thank you

Hey @Zehlek1


We didn't get the information on our end.


As soon as we get something, we will update this thread.



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I contacted Google support asking if the ones they sell are any different than the ones carrier sell in order to try to get more information on why my Pixel isn't connecting to Fido VoLTE.

This was their response:

This is in response to your query about the Volte connection on the phone. Pixel phone supports all the VoLTE connections of all the major carriers. Regardless of the point of purchase, the phone has the functionality of VoLTE connection enabled in it. Even if you purchase it from a third party retailer or directly from Google Store, then also, it should work find and catch the VoLTE. I'd suggest you to contact the carrier again in this regard and discuss this with them. 

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I got my Pixel not through Fido. There's an option to enable VoLTE and it's enable but still goes down to 3G when making or receiving a call.

Tried contacting Fido to ask them to add the IMEI to my account to see if it would enable VoLTE on Fido end but it didn't do anything

IMS status shows it's not registered

It's also on the Fido/Rogers OS build


Seems like Fido is only allowing Pixel purchased through them to access VoLTE. Anyone know how to get around this or any way to contract customer service to get my IMEI on some sort of VoLTE device whitelist somewhere?

Hey @Kenjuta,


To make a VoLTE video call, your device needs to be VoLTE compatible and the software on the device needs to be up to date (must include VoLTE software update). Also, both the caller and receiver must have a VoLTE compatible phone.


Did you already make sure to enable Enhanced 4G LTE Mode in Settings > Mobile network settings?

Not talking about video calls just VoLTE calls. The connection drops back down to 3G when making or recieving calls instead of staying on LTE


My device is Pixel XL which is compatible now and I have Android 8.0 version OPR1.170623.026

Enhanced 4G LTE Mode in setting is enabled.


I think it's because the phone wasn't bought at Fido so they don't have the IMEI approved on their list of device allowed on their VoLTE


I got customer service to add the IMEI to my account but since there's no record of the device on the database my device info on my Fido account page shows Image Not Available 

Hey @Kenjuta


The thread Cawtau's reffering to was actually more related to WiFi calling in this case. I can confirm that VoLTE should be working on a non-Fido device. However of course, we can never guarantee at 100% the functionality on unlocked phones. 


Do you know if there are any kind of data blocks on your line? Do you remember adding an iPhone value pack at any point? 


It's good to point out as well that this service would not work while you are on the Extended network either. 

Thanks for the clarification FidoPierre! Smiley



Hello Kenjuta,


  Welcome to the community!


@Kenjuta wrote:

Not talking about video calls just VoLTE calls. The connection drops back down to 3G when making or recieving calls instead of staying on LTE


   Have you verified that the other party is also using a device capable of voLTE? As FidoClaudia noted above, both the caller and receiver must have a voLTE compatible phone -- even for non-video calls. In addition, both must be connected to LTE. **edit** Even if your device is voLTE enabled (and working), and you call a non-voLTE-capable phone, the call will fall-back to the '3G' or 2G networks.**


  That said, as far as I am aware, voLTE and Wifi-calling are not available on android devices not purchased from Fido (see here).


Hope this helps Smiley



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@Cawtau actually, both caller and reciever doesn't need to have VoLTE for you to have a VoLTE connection

both need to have it to take advantage of some of the VoLTE calling features like video call or wide band voice for enhanced audio quality but if you have VoLTE and the other doesn't then your call will still connect using LTE

you won't have better audio quality but your calls will connect quicker and your data speed won't drop down to 3G so you can be on a call and still browse the internet at LTE speed

more info can be found on Fido's VoLTE FAQ here



I don't remember having any data block on my account

I did have an iphone briefly in 2008 but don't remember if I had the value pack for it back then

if there is no whitelist of IMEI that are allow to use VoLTE do you suggest I try to contact customer service again to ask if my account have any service or enabled that would block access?

Hello Kenjuta,


  Thanks for setting me straight!! Smiley



Hi @Kenjuta


VoLTE is actually not available at this time with the Google Pixel. 


Hope that clarifies that for you!  

Hey @Kenjuta 


VoLTE was indeed made available in the April update. Sorry about that! The reason you can't enable VoLTE on your device is actually due to it being a non-Fido phone. 


Hope that clarifies everything for you! Smiley 

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Hey @FidoMegan

so then there is some whitelist somewhere?

it' makes no sense why I can't use VoLTE just because I bought the phone from somewhere else.

The phone uses the same firmware and OS and has the exact same software as the ones being sold from Fido


Google specifically has two different firmware for the Pixel XL, one for Bell, Telus, Telstra, TMO, Sprint, USCC, Rogers/Fido and one for everyone else and I'm on the same one


physically in terms of hardware and software it's exactly the same as the Fido is selling in their store

if Fido is blocking customers from VoLTE even though their phone is supported by Fido then is there a point of BOYP plans?

CTRC is also madating that all phones sold after December to be unlock and Fido not allowing other phone with the same software and capabilties use VoLTE makes it seems a little counter intuitive as well


I might have to ask CCTS to see if this kind of phone discrimation is allowed or should be tolerated when the phone is exactly the same in terms of software and hardware as the ones sold from Fido because I don't see why it can't use VoLTE as it's actually benificial for Fido to allow more phones on VoLTE because it's easier on the network system than the archaic 3G voice system

Hey @Kenjuta Smiley

We currently offer VoLTE to customers with compatible Fido devices. We’re always looking for ways to improve customer experience. We’ll share your feedback with our team.

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Hey @FidoKenny


Like I mention, the device is compatable and is exactly the same in terms as software and hardware as the device sold by Fido. I see no valid reason why it's not compatible.

If I bought an unlocked iPhone from the Apple store would VoLTE and WiFi calling work on it even though it's not a device sold by Fido or a Fido reseller? My guess is yes so why is my phone sold by Google which runs the same software, OS, and firmware as the ones sold by Fido not a compatible device?

Hello again,


  I think the likely reason voLTE and Wifi-calling will possibly work on an unlocked iPhone is because Apple has a Global database of IMEIs. I believe it's the Apple GSX database and contains almost all the necessary information to determine an iPhone’s lock and overall status. Mobile providers would use that database to verify IMEIs and lock status prior to allowing use on their networks.


  Google does not have such a database. While there are global databases for all IMEIs (GSMA IMEI database) and databases for blacklisted IMEIs (Central Equipment Identity Register or CEIR), they are not used in the same way as Apple's database.


Currently, mobile providers likely have a separate database of the android devices they sell. That database would contain information such as IMEI and lock status. While they can add IMEIs to a customer's account so the device may use the network(s), those IMEIs probably cannot be added to that inventory database. Unfortunately, as it stands, only compatible devices with IMEIs in the Apple GSX database and their inventory database can avail of certain features such as voLTE and Wifi-calling.


Hopefully, changes will be made so that the system will allow provisioning of IMEIs from both their inventory database and their customer database to enable unlocked android phones to also make use of those services.


Hope this helps Smiley