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Fraudulent port-out to another provider

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

At the beginning of August, my phone number was ported to Bell without my consent, something i didn't even know was possible. As soon as my phone stopped working I went to a local Fido store and they identified the problem right away.They worked with Bell to ensure that I got my phone number back as I use it for business.


This resulted in numerous fees which I was told by the FIDO  that I would not be charged for. This includes: 

  • The cancellation fee to my account which was done without my consent
  • Subsequent changes to my account in order to reactive it which includes the recovery fee / service set up fee. 

At the end of August my bill was ready and I noticed that all of the above charges were on my account. I called the Fraud Department and was told to pay my regular payment and that the remaining balance was being looked at in "the back end" and that the charges would be removed. 


It is now Oct 4 and those charges are still on my bill PLUS the late fee that was added to my bill for the outstanding balance that I was told not to pay. Total outstanding today is $665.30.


I have called and left two voicemails this week; one on Monday September 30 and one today and no one has called me back. Can someone please contact me ASAP? I would like to resolve this matter and/or get a status update as soon as possible. 


Thank you. 



Hello @sofiavgomes and welcome to the Community.


I can see that you went though a lot to have your phone number back. I'm happy to find out that they were able to identify the problem quickly and reactivate your line.

Concerning the charges on your bill, it's something that we need to verify on our end.

You can find all the ways to reach us through our contact page here.


For now, I will send you a PM now to get this resolved. Talk to you soon.