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Worst port out EXPERIENCE!

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I am a former fido user, but I can't understand the bill statement and at that time nobody gave me a satisfactory answer for that, so I decided to transfer to another carrier koodo. But problem is, fido service was out when I submitted transfer request from koodo, so I was not able to answer any 'yes' to fido messages, actually I didn't receive it. So I removed fido sim card and replace it with koodo sim card, and I have no problem with calls, but messages. Recently I find that my number actually didn't transfer from fido, two numbers are still in my account, and can't be transferred after I called many times to the customer service.


Here I condemn your fido services. 1, If you think my request via koodo was not appropriate, you shouldn't expire my fido sim card. 2, You already stopped my service in fido, then you should cooperate with me to transfer my number to koodo. 


I hope there will be somebody who has concerns with those issues and fix this problem for your corporate image. Once I receive the next bill from you without your service, I won't tolerate this nonsense behavior anymore!



Hey @freekim

Welcome to the Community. Smiley 


To clarify, you can port your Fido phone number out to another provider as long as it's still active (not cancelled or suspended) on our side. 


You'd also need to accept the transfer via the text message you receive on the Fido SIM card.


What do you mean exactly, when you say that we expired your number?