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Having Troubles to Port-Out from Fido

I'm a Contributor Level 1
I'm a Contributor Level 1

I have made a decision to port out my number from Fido to Freedom today but I have not being able to do so because of some strange errors.


I have made 3 requests to ask Freedom to port in my number, and they all have failed with an error of incorrect Fido account number. 

I might not have checked carefully on my first attempt, but I definitely triple checked that I have provided my mobile account number that my number is tied to correctly for my 2nd and 3rd attempts, but they all ended up failing with the same error saying incorrect account number.


I have contacted Fido through Live Chat, and the representative told me that they have received the request and they are processing it. But it has been more than 4 hours and my number is still being tied with Fido. From my previous experiences, porting number over to another service provider never took more 1 hour.


Has anyone esle experienced this before? Can it be the outage has also effected other internal systems of Rogers? Is there another way that I can port out my number from Fido?


Any advice would be appreciated.


Thank you.






I'm a Contributor Level 1
I'm a Contributor Level 1

The issue is finally resolved and I would like to share my actual solution here and hopefully it will help people who has similar problems.


The root cause of the issue turns out to be there were multiple request being pushed to Fido. Usually when previous requests didn't go through, Freedom should first cancel/remove all previous requests before re-submitting a new request. Maybe it was a new-hire that handled my later requests, but the Freedom representative didn't cancel the failed request and submitted a new one and that caused an error which prevented the porting process. 


Thanks to Fido staff at the porting-team pointing out the root cause, I was able to ask Freedom to first remove all the previous requests, and then ask them to make a newe request, and this ultimately solved the problem.


For everyone's reference, it is possible to contact the porting-team directly at 18664058694. You can even ask them to approve the porting request on your behave so you don't even need to respond to a confirmation text message that will expire after certain time period.


I hope my experience can help.

Hi there @VitaJohnny , sorry to hear that you are leaving Fido. If customer support is aware of the port and has advised you that they are working on it, you can trust it will be done. Did you receive a text asking you to confirm the port to another provider?  If you did, I believe you have approximately 90 minutes to confirm it, otherwise it will not be done. I believe the process can sometimes take up to a couple of days. You can check back with customer service for progress of the request. Hope it works out for you