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Moving to another Provider - when to?

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I am planning to move to another Provider soon for a far better plan that I have right now.
I am in the middle of my billing cycle now.

If I shift now, will I be charged for the full cycle or will the charges be prorated?


Good morning @FidoUsre,  sorry you're moving on. You can change mid cycle and your account will be prorated. If you're porting your number out, open your account with your new provider and they will port it out for you. Don't cancel with Fido as your number won't be available to port out. Once the request from your new provider is made, you will receive a text from Fido asking if you requested it,you have 90 minutes to respond in the affirmative or the request won't go through. I hope that helps, cheers