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Fido Customer Service is Terrible

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

Recently I moved from Nova Scotia to Ontario. My (8 year) cellular plan was coming to an end with Telus, so I decided to switch to Fido as they had a good deal. At first, everything was great. The rep I had been dealing with offered me a bundle with home internet, the price beat my current provider so I agreed and they shipped me a modem, no questions asked. 

This is where it gets annoying: The rep never asked me what kind of internet setup my apartment currently has. I only discovered this upon receiveing the new modem and not being able to plug it in anywhere. So I called him, and it went straight to voicemail. I did so for the next couple days, always straight to voicemail. So I call a general customer service line, wait multiple hours on hold and never get answered. Then the holidays hit so I gave it a rest for a couple weeks to let Christmas and New Years pass. On January 2nd I began calling my rep again, still straight to voicemail every time. Same deal with general lines, 2+ hours of holding and no answer. 

I turned to online chat. Even after selecting the right options, each agent I was connected to seemed to be in a random department, none could help. Finally I connected with one who could help me in technical support, he agreed to send a tech over to assess my issue with the modem-- this was all I ever wanted. Just someone to setup the modem and understand what system it was using. 

Today (when the tech was supposed to arrive) the tech calls me, asks me if I live at [random address], I tell him no and repeat my address. He asks me to text it to him. So I do, he calls again 30 minutes later and asks for the address again so I repeat it. He hangs up. Finally he calls me again and says he can't come because he is literally based out of a different municipality (he's in scarborough, I'm in toronto.) 
FIDO, this is absolutely embarassing and disrespectful to me as a paying customer. It has only been a month and I am entirely regretting my decision of getting involved in your company. As I type this, I'm 1.5 hours into another hold loop, just praying I can get through to someone human. 

Please just help me and stop ignoring your customers. 



Hello @vercingetorix,


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Sorry to hear your first experience with us wasn't the best and it most definitely isn't our intention. 

Were you able to have this settled yet?