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Fido - CCTS Complaint

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Fido, I am new to Canada. I arrived at the Pearson Internarional Airport on 12th Jan. I was not shown any terms and conditions and was given the $41 for 4gb plan with a connection fee waiver. Connection fee waiver was not applied. Others who landed on same day got same plan but 8gb. I was also told the following: 


1. Bill have credits, it did not. When I called the airport they said it'll be applied and I don't need to pay the bill and wait. Now I am 8 days from payment and I don't have the new bill. They are not taking my calls. 

2. They did not give me choice of plans. They told me I wouldn't get connection as I am not from canada and they can give me the connection basis my passport. They told me all networks require paperwork except one on airports which is easy on newcomers. When I called the customer helpline they told me otherwise. 

3. My classmates got their plans with phones outside. I was not given this option. In fact I was given a handwritten piece of paper with the plans- only 3 options of 2,4 and 16 gb. 

4. I have tried to escalate the complaint but to no avail. I have been bounced back and forth the airport and your customer helpline. 

5. Customer care has told me credit will take 3 months to apply but they don't know yet because store hasn't done its job. So now I am stuck with your bills for 3 months to get credit and that also without assurance?! 

6. Customer care wants me to pay connection fee or they say it will affect my credit score! 


I have now decided to lodge a complaint with CTTS and explain to them what happened and tell them about the airport outlet. I have also decided to report this to any other authority. You cannot do this to newcomers in Canada. 


I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hi Akansha, I am in a similar boat. I arrived on Oct-07 and as per my account details it looks like I might have the same issue. Could you pls let me know if yours was resolved?


Hey @Akanksha3091, welcome to the community! Alex here and I'll be happy to help. 


I'm really sorry to hear about the experience you've had at the store, that is definitely not how things should go and you can be sure that we will do whatever is necessary to rectify this situation. 


To address some of your concerns, it's important to know that all important points regarding the transaction you might be doing in a store should be mentioned right away, but things like terms and conditions are available directly on our website. 


As a general rule, the set-up fee is always applicable for activations done with a representative. However, if you were offered a credit, it should be applied to your second or third bill following the activation. This means, you will need to pay the activation fee on your first invoice and will then receive the credit on the second or third invoice. 


We do need some specific pieces of ID in order to open a postpaid account, but you should certainly have been offered more than a single option.


Again, I'm really sorry about what happened, but I can assure you that we'll find a way to correct this situation. You can contact our customer service again through any of these channels.