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Fake promotion offered by best buy

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

while signing up for a what sounded liked a great deal through fido,I later learned a promotion which offered 45 off first bill did not exist and I am forced to pay. They're are so many great offered by different providers offering substantially better deals not only on price but gigs, phones, usage etc. Had I known this fake deal didn't exist i would have NEVER GONE to fido. While talk to Fido on the phone for 30 min, they were unwilling to assist in any way shape or fotm. My wife, my self hacr all lost oir job due to COVID and I am appalled to receive such treatment. PLEASE post this and let this unethical behavior be known to all. During these dire times, having a heart, compassion and understanding should not be too much to ask for.


Id like to cancel fido and to to lucky mobile as I have 15 days 6o make this decision and this is day 11 so I have plenty of days to get out of this corrupt organization and hope many will listen yo this dispecible story.


You should be ashamed of yourselves for this 


Justin p  


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Hello Justinpual,


  Welcome to the community!


  Sorry to hear of your situation. However, why should Fido be ashamed? You signed up through a third party: Best Buy. Those customer service representatives don't work for Fido, they work for Best Buy. They offer devices for most of the different providers.


  If the customer representative intentionally misled you then that would be unethical on their part. However, it's also possible it was an honest mistake. Since those representatives are supposed to know the different promotions for the other providers as well, it would be quite easy to get some of the details mixed up between the differing promotions. The same goes for technical specifications for different devices (ie phones, TV's, computers, appliances, etc). I've had representatives mix-up device specifications on numerous occasions. That's why I will always do my own research if there is something specific I'm looking for. That's not to say some representatives aren't better than others. There are those who truly know their information.


  If the promotion you were told isn't one that Fido offers, it's not very reasonable to expect Fido to honour that promotion. It wasn't even a Fido employee who offered it.


  Is it possible that the promotion was a Best Buy promotion? Occasionally, individual Fido stores or third party resellers have their own promotions. If that was the case, those individual stores or resellers would furnish the promotion. Have you considered contacting Best Buy to discuss the promotion?


  If it wasn't a Best Buy promotion, you might still have a couple of days of your Satisfaction guarantee.


Hope this helps 😀





Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hello @Justinpual


We're very sorry to know about this situation. This is certainly not the experience we want to provide to you. 


We really don't want to see you go and we would be thankful for an opportunity to take a further look into the situation for you. 


Please reach out to us here and we'll be glad to verify what happened on your account. 


Thank you.