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promotional offer issue.

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

My Partner received a Text message offer on their cell phone from Fido offering to wipe the remaining device balance if they want to upgrade now.  We went to a store to look at phones and was told it was online only as they only saw a $150 device balance credit.  We tried online and it still only will credit $150 of the remaining device balance.  We tried calling and we just get the run around with them saying to go into the store.  The agents also kept saying it was spam but the message is coming from a short code text and I get the same offers from that number on my phone.   My theory is the offer is wrong and was meant to say $150 or someome made a mistake when entering in the values.  My other theory is those msgs when out too early and were meant to be sent when their device balance was at $150.  This hassle makes me want to cancel both phones and go to another carrier.


Hi there @lostice , the offer is real. I took advantage of a similar offer last fall when I was within a couple of months of my device balance being paid off. It was only valid online and I believe I upgraded through the app. If you start the process in the app or on you should see the projected credit and balance of the device. If your partner is within a few months of fulfilling their current financing,  the balance may be fully credited or a portion might be depending on the offer you received. 

I went to the link in the text message and started the process and indeed I received everything I was promised. I hope that gives a bit of reassurance about replying to the text message. Cheers