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Extremely Frustrated with Ordering a New Phone and Order Cancellations

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Bear with me, as this is going to be a long post.

Writing this as I have been waiting for more than 1hr30min to speak with a Fido customer rep that can actually solve my problem.


TLDR: Ordered phone (hardware upgrade) as part of Black Friday promotions on Nov 25 and was promised that it would go through after a 1.5 hour phone call. No communication for a week and a half.


Called Fido again on Dec 6 and was notified that the order was cancelled due to stock issues. Request to chat with the Escalation team and was told they would call me back within 24 hours.


No communication from Fido for the whole week. Checked the Fido website and noticed the phone was back in stock. Called Fido on Dec 12 and was told that they cannot honour my order. Seriously reconsidering why I should even stay as a customer.




Some history about me, I have been a loyal customer over the past 11 years:

  • Fido user since 2009 (on an account paid for by my parents)
  • Fido customer since 2013, when I started paying for my phone plan myself
  • My family is all through Fido, we have multiple lines and home internet
  • I even have the Rogers Bank mastercard because of this Fido account.



1st Call - Nov 25

  • Saw the promotion on the website for an iPhone 11 Pro 256GB. It was for $0 down, $45 per month after bill credits. Picture below, took this cause I was excited about the offer.

1 - Original Promotion for Phone1 - Original Promotion for Phone

  • Tried to get the phone early morning through the website on Nov 25.
  • Website was giving me issues --> website suggested I call someone
  • No problem, I call someone at 9:07AM (very little wait time, probably the only positive aspect of Fido's service through this ordeal), we discussed numerous things:
    • Took the time to make sure to check the stock and ensure that there was phones available.
    • Was told I needed to change my monthly plan to a new one. I was fine with that, we picked a new plan and moved on.
    • Was given an option between payment plans either $300 down, $33 per month or $0 down, $45 per month. I was advised to do the $0 down by the rep, fair enough, why not?


  • I was patient, waiting for your rep to check the system for stock. The entire call took 1hr 30 min on a weekday and I was promised that it would go through and got the email notifications. I was told to expect a longer delivery time because of Black Friday and COVID, which to me was understandable. (I wasn't expecting to get my phone for a week or two).

    2 - Order Confirmation Email Nov 252 - Order Confirmation Email Nov 25



  • I left this call feeling very satisfied, I got what I wanted a new phone in time for the holidays! Just what I needed amidst all the gloom of 2020.



While I was waiting, I didn't receive any further email communication on the shipping of my device. I did receive emails confirming my new plan and some congratulatory emails.



3 - Email Nov 263 - Email Nov 264 - Email Dec 94 - Email Dec 9



2nd Call - Dec 6


  • After a week and a half, I haven't heard anything back from Fido. ZERO emails on the status of my order.
  • I thought I'd give a quick follow-up call to customer service to check on my shipping status.
  • To my surprise, I was told that my order was cancelled due to stock issues. No one was able to give me a proper answer to what was happening. No communication on this whatsoever prior to me initiating the call to Fido.
  • I requested to speak to someone who could explain to me what was happening because it didn't make sense to me.
  • I was told the Escalation team was busy and would call me within 24 hours at my mobile phone number, the same account I wanted to upgrade.
  • I checked the web and saw that Julian64 on this forum had the exact same issue as me through this post here




Waited the whole week for a response, no one contacted me.

I work long days during the weekdays, so I didn't have the time to call customer service again.

I did check the website and noticed the phone I wanted (iPhone 11 Pro 256GB) was back in stock, so I thought to myself, oh my order should be fulfilled soon then.



3rd Call - Dec 12


  • Today, I called and get the same response, my original order was cancelled due to stock issues.
  • I was told that the Escalation team tried to reach me twice during the week which was blatantly not true. I was waiting by my phone everyday all day because I worked from home, no calls at all.
  • I asked the customer rep if my order would be fulfilled now that it was in stock and I was told that I would have the pay the current higher price rather than the price from the previous promotion from Nov 25?




5 - Phone Back in Stock Dec 125 - Phone Back in Stock Dec 12



To sum up everything,

  • Why would Fido cancel my order and not notify me about it? That sounds like a misleading business practice. Likewise, why would you advertise an offer and then renege on its price? Isn't this false advertising? I could have gone through any number of other vendors or carriers to purchase my phone but I thought Fido would give me the least amount of trouble as a loyal customer.
  • Even if decided not to pursue this any further, I missed on numerous other Black Friday deals for an iPhone 11 Pro.
    • I am honestly quite upset, frustrated and disappointed that I've been treated like this.
    • Why should I even trust this company anymore? It seems like to me Fido cares way more about winning new customers than any long time customers. Should I even be surprised anymore?
  • From a customer's point of view, my order is still valid it should be honoured. Even the website shows this in MyAccount view.


6 - My Account View6 - My Account View




Currently waiting for my call to be escalated so I can talk to someone and explain my situation. Do you think I want to spend my entire weekends on hold with you guys?


I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

It was 2020 post, now sep 2022, 

I am trying to add line and place it in order, contacting fido for several times, they reserved  three numbers but never place a single order,  I spent days with their specialists(?).  I don't know what they are special about...but first line they charge $100 without sending a SIM card.

still sitting before computer and replying to Fido specialist to place an order. 

It seems that they don't want customers from Rogers or they don't really want to give special discounts/benefits when ordering online, 


Hey @nariy! We're sorry to read about your experience with our customer service. That's certainly not the kind of service we want to offer you!
You can contact us through one of our channels and we'll be happy to help you.

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

This is currently happening to me. Upgraded my phone and plan with a great offer. This is reflected on my bill. I was really excited for my new phone to come, it never came. After logging a claim, I found out that my order had been cancelled and they're no longer honoring the promotion I was given. Deceiving much? Why is this still on my bill? And can you no longer honour the agreed upon plan and phone promo?? Looking for escalation. I've always had amazing experiences with Fido, this is unfortunately overshadowing all of those experiences.

Hello @NatalieD,


We replied to your other post! 

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3


I had a very similar experience and found out today that my order was cancelled.  Were you able to speak to someone and have your original order honored?

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2



Yes! I ended up going through the live chat on the website and they were very helpful. Much easier than the phone call.

Explained my situation and they linked me with a Fido rep at a higher level than the regular reps who was pretty understanding and was able to make alternate arrangements (bill credits, etc) that essentially honoured my original order price. Once that was settled, the phone got shipped and everything worked out pretty smoothly.


Good luck!

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Waited for 3 hours and got disconnected! Thanks for wasting my time Fido!



Hey @JasonCustomer! Philippe here. Thanks for all those years with us. I hope you're doing well. Smiley


I'm sad to read about your experience. I can totally understand your frustration there and I thank you very much for your patience!


Have you been able to reach one of our agents for help since your last post? If not, you can request a PM from the community and we'll be happy to help you.