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I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

been a Fido customer for a few years now never had any major issues or complaints. But in February I wanted to get a phone so I got the XS but then decided to exchange for XR. I received a phone from my SO therefor I returned them both. Mind you this is WITHIN THE 15 DAYS TO RETURN. 


bill of March comes, I expect it to take time to be adjusted. So my bill was messed up. Came to 3$. But I expected this as they need time to adjust everything and I had confidence they would. No problem. 

bill of April comes, I thought it would've gotten fixed but I get overcharged by 10$. Called in and spoke to a two and he informed me 100% by May it will be fixed bc they had technical issues on their end. 


Woke up this morning and my bill for May is 1200$. I am very unhappy with their service for months they haven't fixed anything. This morning I removed my prepaid credit card because I refuse to pay 1200$ and the device is not in my hands. All returned. I hate Fido and once this issue is resolved I will be disconnecting their services. DO NOT GET FIDO!!!!!!!!! This has caused such great anxiety in my personal life bc this issue is not fixed.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @User7894,


We definitely don't want you to feel this way about us, this is not the experience we want for our customers Sad


We'll be happy to take a look at your account and make sure we sort things out, if ever there is a mistake on your invoice we should definitely be able to correct it.


I'll send you a PM to check out your account. For future reference, you can contact us here.


Talk soon!