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Customer Support Says Data Overage Charges Are Correct?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hello all,


Long time customer, first time poster! Thought I'd share my experience with Fido increasing their data overage rates by 15x ($10/1GB -> $15/100MB). On August 8th I received a text stating I had used up all my data and could continue with overage fees or add additional data to the plan (note this plan is not eligible for additional data add-ons). I went on my merry way feeling secure in my data usage wiling to pay $10 for some extra data in summer to help me enjoy a camping trip. However, 4 days later I get a notice that my data has been stopped as I have reached a cap of $50 for data fees and I find that I have been charged $56 for ~400 MBs and my internet access has been cut off in the middle of my cycle.

Unfortunately my chats with the support team have not lead anywhere and have repeatedly stated:

I hope you understand that the charges are valid and we would not be able to fix this for you infortunately.

I have also been told they cannot confirm that I was sent the text about my rate included below and that I should follow up on Social Media to get more help.

This is my friendly warning to long time customers to watch out for extra charges on your bill!

- Matt



I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Sorry for your inconvenience. I am going through the exact same issue. I have tried dozens of times for a call back with no luck. I can only surmize that the sytem has been hacked or there is a billing error. My biggest issue is that I can't speak to anyone at Fido. The online chats are useless. There has to be a consumer group or government agency that can take this on. 

Hey @hchapman3 ! It is quite easy to speak to someone. Please go to and select the most convenient option for your needs. 



Hey @basarama,


Sorry to hear about your experience. 


Did you reach out to us on social media? We'd love to review your account together!


You can also reach out to a representative using these other methods