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Customer Service/Retention

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Customer Service/Retention

If anything this is for visability. I have been using Fido for almost 8 years, called them to see if they could match their competitors. After going back and forth for a while, the best they could do is match the plan and give me 9 dollars off a new phone (this includes me using all my fido dollars) compared to their competitors pricing. Weak customer service and retention.



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Just here to document my Black Friday/Cyber Monday experience here.


I was thoroughly dissapointed by Fido's Retention team today. As a customer who has been with fido for almost 15 years, I got nothing but lines read out from a script.


I was looking to update my current phone plan with something more bang for the buck, and saw that freedom offers great plans this year. I simply wanted Fido to price match either of these deals or maybe offer something similar. But what I got offered back from the retention agent and his manager, and the manager's manager was something they kept on claiming was an exclusive offer; surprise surprise, I looked up quickly online and found out that it was this year's Black friday deal that's being offered to all new customers!!!


On top of all of this, I know for a fact that they at least could have offered to match freedom's deal, since all three of my family members got offered that exact promotion by fido not long ago.


At the end, I pointed out to the manager's manager that fido had a promotion running back in september targeting freedom mobile customers and it would be quite rediculous of fido if they made a loyal customer of 15 years switch over to freedom first, then back to fido for a way better deal than what he's being currently offered, rather than just price match said customer right away, which would have costed them less anyways.


Long story short, after an hour of useless back and forth, I'm happily porting my number over to freedom mobile as I type this, and have it handled by freedom mobile under 5 mins.

Hey @charleslu,


First and foremost, I'd like to thank you for your loyalty. Thank you for choosing Fido as your provider for the past 15 years. 


I understand that it's disappointing that you haven't received any offers. Our system finds eligible customers based on various aspects of an account. Whether we target you with an offer or not, I can assure you that we value your loyalty to Fido. In terms of Black Friday deals, we always try to provide the most competitive plans based on what's being offered on the current market. 


With that said, we're sad to see you go. If ever you're open to giving us another chance we'll be happy to welcome you back. 😃


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Please I need someone to call me from Fido Loyalty Dept. 

Hello @Sunnym24


We can't call you, however you can find the best ways to reach us here.  

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Yup Fido is getting very dissapointing, been a fido customer for over 10 years. Got an offer from Bell was hoping fido would match it. Got sent to a customer retention agent who did not care and had no idea what he was offering.


Loyalty does not matter switch to another provider when you get a better offer, beacuse fido is uniterested in keeping its customers.

Hey there @Shabaz


Thanks for your feedback! I can assure you that we do value your loyalty and that we do have special offers and promotions available for current customers. That being said, we do not match offers from other services providers, simply because each service provider will have their own pros and cons. You can see what perks Fido has to offer you here for more info.


Don't hesitate to reach out to us so we can go over them together. We advise you to get in touch with us at these channels, and we can also send you a PM here if you prefer.

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Sure you can PM here

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I am pretty displeased with the service I received today. I am loyal customer of about 9 years. My sister a little less, she was offered iPhone X at zero cost and no plan change. We have always upgraded together so once I heard this I phoned loyalty and there was nothing they could do for me ! My husband is with bell and would make things easier us being on the same plan, I was offered iPhone X zero dollars to sign up for only $90 a month. This is just ludacris that Fido is unable to do anything for me.  With this, unless they help me out switching providers will be the end result. I like Fido and don’t want to but why does my sister get this deal and I cannot and when I called loyalty the best they could do was only $150/ month instead of my $90 now and get the phone for $299. Being a loyal customer should mean more to the company. I was also willing to trade in my iPhone 7 to bring the cost down to 0 but not with a monthly surcharge as such. I see it’s a trend that loyal customers aren’t treated as such. Shame on Fido, I used to talk highly of them now, I think the opposite. 

Hey @Girlmom1417! Welcome to the community. Smiley


We'd be happy to take another look for you, if you like. Let us know and we'll send you a PM right away.

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@FidoPhilippe Again, I don’t want to leave Fido. So I would appreciate you taking another look for me. Thank you 

Coming right up @Girlmom1417. Smiley

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I traveled overseas and called customer service to cancel my mobile line. After long hold on the line the representative passed me on to Cancellation department and in three different calls the line was dropped. I am extremely disappointed with the poor customer service. I tried cancelling the service through their App as well as Online My Account access but cancellation option is not available. Appreciate any tips or suggestions of how I can get my account/service stopped.

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Hey @AMFarah


I am sorry to see you'll be leaving us. You can actually reach out to us a few different ways while overseas. You can check them out right from here


We can also help you with this right from here. I'll send you a PM so we can check this out together. 

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Nothing unusual about Canada cell pricing being rediculous!  When my contract with Fido comes due in May I may sign up with a US service like T-Mobile that offer North America coverage with more data and also International data and text.   I travel and use international sims which are about the same price as my fido service but with 2 to 5 Gig of data! 

Hello Boatertoo,


  I understand that some US providers offer North American roaming. Roaming is a courtesy between mobile providers and its use is usually only meant on a temporary basis. I'm doubtful that any mobile provider would allow indefinite roaming on their networks. Why would they allow a device to use their networks long-term and not get paid for its usage?


  Even extended coverage -- the roaming agreement between Canadian mobile providers -- stipulates that the majority of usage must be done on the home network or the service may get blocked.


  If you only visit Canada, then a US provider may be an option. However, if you live in Canada, you might consider verifying how long you are able to use a foreign SIM on Canadian networks.


Hope this helps Smiley



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Update. After talking with 3 different mods in this forum nothing was actually done. They kept saying hate to see me go and offer loyalty services, but nothing really happened. They price matched their competitors and said that they what they were offering me was customer loyalty. I must say I am very dissapointed but I must give credit that the people here were helpful in answering any questions I had and were very nice about it.

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There comes a time that one has to move forward and "get with the current program".  One can't keep on complaining about being with Fido for X + Y + Z years and they are unable to offer me a plan "I" like (take note of the CAPITAL I).  Times have changed and one have to accept that. 


It's like walking to a A & W and demanding the casher give you a Mozza burger for $4.25 + GST just because you have been eating A & W burgers for the past 17 years.

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I don't think A&W offering same burger for lower price for new customers as Fido offer bonus data for new customers but not for current customers!

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My sister-in-law check with fido if they have any better plans for her and fido say no.


She buys Bell and request port request. fido gets the request and retention team calls her to offer her amazing package. 


why you wait for customers to go through all this and not offer the same when they asked you. I asked today they said this is the best option available. I am probably gettin Telus tomorrow since they have an excellent plan for 5GB of data.

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Hey @xceptional


I'm sad to read that you're thinking of leaving.  I'll send you a PM so we can take a look at your account together.


Talk to you soon!