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Call back from customer service

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1


I called 611 and received a link leading to ASK JACK. I scheduled a call back and within that time frame an agent called me. The call I received was from the following number: (888) 481-3436.

I had to press 1 to ensure I am ready to talk to an agent and then I got connected with one. She asked me about Postal code, email and birth date and told me she had changed my plan and I would receive an email of confirmation.

I didn't receive any email unitl now, and I was wondering on whether it was a scam call from this number? She was talking to someone else while on the call in her native language and I believe a professional person wouldn't do that without muting.

Is this call-back number correct and do the agents usually ask for this info?



Hey @Sanank Smiley
Welcome to the Community! 


That is indeed the right process to follow to receive a callback from our customer service team, so it doesn't seem like this was a scam. 

It's also definitely possible that we'll need to ask some security questions before accessing your account.


As for the confirmation email, there may be a delay before you receive it, especially if the change was made to take effect on your next billing cycle.


If you want us to take a closer look or share feedback about the service you received, you can however contact us through any of the methods listed here