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Agent submitted the ticket with improper details

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1



I have requested for Release letter on 25th may.  I was verified and agent took the details then submitted the ticket and asked me to wait 24-48 hours.  I tried to contact the chat support today to get to know the status of the release letter then came to know that it got closed because of missing information. 


The agent ADE that i talk from the credit team was not willing to help as i can clearly see it in the chat which made me unhappy and took me to share the feedback on community, He submitted another ticket and suggested to wait for 2-5 business days, I have to wait for someone else mistakes. I have a deadline to submit the release letter for my mortgage which made me more curious that this ticket may or may not work as well. He disconnected the chat without my consent


I just need the release letter of my old Account:  and please do not make me regret as why i came back to fido again,.


I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

Can someone respond please

Good afternoon @ubedshareef1928


I don't believe anyone on the Community can help you with such an account specific inquiry. 


Though since it's related to your credit file, you can reach out to our credit operation's team direclty for further assistance and one of our agents will be able to help.


You can reach them by dialing *732 directly from your mobile or 1-888-288-2106 from any phone. You can also reach them through live chat.


Hope this helps!