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Add-on added wthout my consent

I'm a Contributor Level 1
I'm a Contributor Level 1

I have recently received the bill and it is $10+taxes more than I usually pay.

When logged into my online account it shows that the data add-on has been added on October 9, 2019.

When I make changes Fido sends me the details - this time it DID NOT receive any pdf with the details regarding the changes.

It looks like the add-on was added silently.

Texting CANCEL to 222 returns the message that I have no monthly data add-on.


Back in the days, I was charged for the texts sent from the US - but I have never been to the US.


I am not going to pay for the service I DID NOT order and want to have the add-on removed and my bill adjusted accordingly.


Thank you


I'm a Contributor Level 1
I'm a Contributor Level 1

So the story continued.

Got my bill which is CAD 1.80 I usually pay. From what I see in the bill it is because of the 3Gb add-on added and removed (prorated charge for the add-on I did not add).

It makes me believe that my next bill will be CAD 1.80 less (since I *DID NOT* add the 3 Gb add-on and it was removed from my account manually by Fido representative).

Please correct me if I am wrong.


P.S. I would appreciate if my latest bill will get reviewed and the prorated charge will get removed from it.

Hey there @chemistua, thanks for coming to the community to share your experience. 


I have a few questions. 


Usually when adding a Data Top-Up your receive a text confirmation to your number. 


Do you have any recollection of receiving a text message confirming this?


Also, do you remember removing it?


Hope to hear from you soon!

I'm a Contributor Level 1
I'm a Contributor Level 1

I DID NOT make any changes to my account - I did not add any add-ons. When I text 222 I get this


Sorry! You don't currently have a monthly data add-on. To get one, select one of the options below. These are charged to your account every month until you choose to cancel.  Reply "A" to add 3GB for $30/month Reply "B" to add 1.5GB for $20/month Reply "C" to add 300MB for $10/month  To remove this add-on, text “CANCEL” to 222 or visit at any time.


I hsve just texted Cancel to 222 and got this reply.

Also, since I have not made any changes to mh account by myself I did not receuve an updated Terms and Conditions pdf.

Thanks for keeping us posted @chemistua , that's definitely odd. 


We'll keep looking into this with you in PM! 


Talk to you soon. 

I'm a Contributor Level 1
I'm a Contributor Level 1


It has been almost 10 hours since the last reply but I did not receive any PM so far 😞

Hey @chemistua


We just sent you a private message. See you there. Smiley

Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @chemistua ,


Unexpected charges are never fun, we get that!


We'll send you a PM so we can take a look at the charge and find out what happened.