Accidental Upgrade?

Accidental Upgrade?

Accidental Upgrade?

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Accidental Upgrade?

There was an accidental purchase made on my phone, it seems as I upgraded my phone and did not notice until they informed me there would be a $1400 fee on my next bill. Puzzled
I would not like to purchase a new phone. I like my phone and I do not have the money for a new one , I was just looking and I pressed something I should not have. What do I do about this ? Can i cancel it?

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Hey @flrodrig!


Were you able to get this figured out? 


Keep in mind that all hardware upgrades come with a 15 day satisfaction guarantee within which you can return your device.


If you placed an order for a new device unintentionally, simply refuse the delivery. The device will get sent back to us and the upgrade and all associated charges will be reversed. 


Hey there @flrodrig!


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Do you recall when the purchase was done? We can process a return if the device has been purchased less that 15 days ago.


Keep us updated so we can assist you. We're also available by PM/DM on Facebook or Twitter. Alternatively, we can also send you a PM here if you prefer.