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50$ setup

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I've been with Fido a while but just did an upgrade over the phone since the plan rate I was looking for was not available online. 

Spoke to atleast 4 different people before being able to find someone willing to listen and actually help.

I have never had such blatantly rude and unhelpful service from more than 1 rep and including managers. 

I called back today to see if you could waive the 50$ set up fee as I'm not sure why you even need to charge that. You're sending me the phone and I'm putting in the new SIM card .. there's no fee to upgrade online so like why the fee for over the phone upgrades? 

Anyway, the manager fully giggled at me and the previous rep sounded so annoyed I had bothered them. Can you please let me know why it is so important to charge 50$ for this when it is free online. 

All the manager could say was that it was a non refundable fee since there was no promotion. So you can refund  this fee and just choose not to? 

Also as a secondary issue what happened to the quality of your customer service?  



Hi there @Tictac and welcome to the Community!


We're sorry to read about your experience and would like to apologize for that.


The $50 setup fees are billed to you for any new activations or upgrades not done online and we encourage our customer to process their orders online to skip that fee. That way it frees the channels for other customers that requires assistance with situations that cannot be normally processed through self-serve (especially during busy times like now). We often have promotions that can waive the fees but a promotion but be valid, available and offered at the time of the transaction.


I hope this provides a bit more answers to your questions.